Those Defending Last Night’s Ibrox Penalty Are Just Embarrassing Themselves.

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Last night, as we all know, John Beaton gave a highly contentious, not to say absolutely scandalous, penalty kick at Ibrox.

Watching it several times, you really don’t see anything in it except that the home team was a goal down and desperately needed a lifeline. Beaton, who has previous for being on hand to give them a good turn, duly provided.

That the “merits” of this decision are being debated, anywhere, is an embarrassment.

Because the decision had no merit whatsoever.

I was aghast this morning to watch the BBC Sportscene team try to defend it. Others in the media are frantically searching the rulebook for some modest justification. But there is none. The decision is a shocker.

Instead of trying to find logic to it, Beaton himself should be under the spotlight.

We all know what John Beaton is. We all know which team he supports. We know full well that Beaton cannot be trusted to officiate their matches, and yet the whole media pretends that this is not the case, as though not talking about a thing will change the reality of it.

I think Scottish football’s hacks must love these routine humiliations. Not one of the three panellists on that show looked comfortable trying to defend this decision, but all of them did so as not to offend the SFA or Ibrox itself.

The Aberdeen manager, on the other hand, knew exactly what was going on and claimed not only that the penalty was a shocker but that the free kick for the first goal was another piece of dire officiating, and having watched it he is correct.

Scottish refereeing standards are absolutely dire. Whether it’s corruption or rank incompetence, we’re not going to improve them by attempting to find rationales for decisions like those last night. Either Beaton is hopelessly bad or he is shamelessly bent.

Whichever one you opt for, this guy shouldn’t be handling major SPFL fixtures and all people are doing when they try to explain this stuff away is continuing to give him a legitimacy he does not deserve. And until they stop, nothing is going to change.

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  • Larsson 7 says:

    The whole of European football must be laughing at us,Madden, Dallas’s boy,Brother Beaton,to name but a few,must not be given games at Ibrox.
    It’s ñow beyond a joke.

  • Fred Howden says:

    The chunt is a total disgrace as is his employers !

  • I'm no a Billy I'm a Tim says:

    Scott brown was never going to be allowed to leave ibrox having scored the winning goal, and Beaton made sure of that

  • Roonsa says:

    The idea that Beaton is one of them is one that will never wash with them. This lot have this scam sewn up. There was a game a few seasons ago, I can’t remember when exactly, but it was Sevco v Hibs and Beaton was officiating. He made a couple of (in their eyes) really bad decisions (I think one of them was a red card) and the hordes never forgave him for it. I would not be surprised if they would use that game as a means of countering the argument provided here that he’s definitely a homer at Ibrox.

    The refereeing in this country is bloody awful. And those idiots last night on Sportscene are not viable pundits, especially Shelly Kerr – I don’t know how that lassie gets a gig, I really don’t. She’s awful. Get VAR in – the sooner the better. And let’s have proper refs making the calls, not the same jokers who hand out these crazy decisions on the field.

    • Robert Jenkins says:

      VAR won’t help. Beaton will just go to the monitor and still give the penalty. Pundits will then have the argument that he used VAR and was happy with his decision.

    • Kyogos Dream Team says:

      Kerrs a DIRTY Ugly Hun Bitch that just rabbles a lot ae PISH, Shd be NAEWHERE NEAR THE TV!! Leave these Bints tae their ane game watching Daft wee lassies run aboot like HEEDLESS Chickens!!

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Yet even with VAR the outcome will be the same because we will have the masonic orange biased officials deciding if it merits a VAR check and then either upholding it or over ruling it depending how it helps Sevco.The whole set up in Scotland is corrupt.

  • The Shugstar says:

    Totally agree James, BBC Sportscene fearful for their jobs!
    It’s the only way to explain their summing up last night!

    Disgraceful program that damages our game.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    tynecastle 2005 the linesman gave oldco a mystery penalty . it was blatant then but since newco arrived on the scene it is now happening more regular almost every week in fact. until the same club lie is exposed for what it is then what should we really expect. this is the root of the problem if a fact of corporate law is denied by the media for whatever reason be it bias or fear of reprisals then anything goes when it comes to newco. why nobody in authority was brought to book for the two george square riots just sums up the whole scandal.

  • Michael Miller says:

    I really wish people would stop saying that Beaton is hopelessly bad or Bent the answer is he is a cheat always has been and always will be until something us done about him and his other refereeing pals .


    My exact thoughts watching on sportscene, never a free kick to the lead up to 1st goal, Penalty a sham of decision made in Bearsden, acca Bellshill Loyal

  • SSMPM says:

    The Scottish game is riddled with corruption. Celtic should be causing a stir about refs. They don’t because of some corrupt agreement not to because the refs will go on strike, sick of the scrutiny. Imagine for one minute that there was a corrupt ref.
    What would he/they look like, dodgy decision after dodgy decision for one club in particular and then off for a pint down the local rankers supporters club supported by their fans, the SFA and the referee association.
    I think the whole game is now corrupt and VAR would have made no difference. He had made a decision and VAR would not have overturned it due to the grabbed shirt. If he had a monitor review he would still have given it as the grab gave the cheating ref all the justification he needed as the hun jumped to the ground.
    The tackle by Ferguson on the other hand was not analysed at all by the corrupt Thompson, souled out Fuddy and HunKerr down for the money Smelly. VAR would not have overturned that either though its as clean tackle as you will get.
    Celtic need to cause a stir. If the refs want to strike, let them and then Celtic should promote hiring in permanent Eufa ranked refs which these guys are not. The corrupt SFA’s response would be a joy to watch as they contemplate what to do, clearly it would be to try to maintain status quo and punish a non compliant Celtic. Feck being considerate any longer about the refs, that club, ranker fans, and the corrupt authority that runs this game. Wonder what would happen if Celtic went on strike. HH

  • John S says:

    Referees should have to declare any allegiance or support for a particular club so as to avoid contention by their selection and practices.

  • Martin McGinnis says:

    Wholehearted agreement with the story. Michael Stewart is being victimised by both SEVCO and BBC Scotland.

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