Today If Celtic Go Top Of The League It Is More Than Just A Temporary Victory.

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Today, at 5pm, if all goes according to plan, we will sit atop the SPFL.

The press will say it’s only for one day, predicting with their usual confidence the results of another side’s game, and they will say that we’ve proven nothing. Actually, we’ll have proven the one thing that matters; that this is a Celtic side which his more than capable of winning this title.

Whatever the media might say, none of them expected this.

They are shell-shocked at the way we’ve clawed a six point gap back to a mere two.

Bear in mind, this isn’t just about their inability to accept that our rivals haven’t looked good enough in recent months, but they were convinced that we were a club one hard push from another collapse.

It was supposed to come at Aberdeen.

We won at Aberdeen.

It was expected at Motherwell, but we got through that one comfortably.

They put their hopes in a victory for Hibs, but look what happened there.

We only stormed into a 3-0 lead before half time.

None of it was meant to happen like this, not in the studios and newsrooms and amongst the arrogant talking heads.

Today is about more than just a temporary glimpse of what a title win would look like under the new manager and this team, it’s a foretaste of a victory that will be very much in our hands from that point on. We are going to do this.

Notice now that nobody is taking garbage about third and fourth places finishes any longer.

Soon enough they won’t be talking about us finishing second either. Four weeks ago these people thought it as a matter of how many points our rivals won this by and how long Ange would last if the gap was bigger than in the last campaign.

They thought this was impossible.

They can’t believe what we’re about to do.

That’s what’s going to make it all the sweeter come five o’clock tonight.

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  • john mc guire says:

    7 o clock in a saturday morning James did you pee the bed

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Let’s just do this and show that shower of cheats ,ie SFA refs , Sevco who is the best team in Scotland.

  • Tony Reavey says:

    Good shout. Ange had only started to rebuild the team in his style and certain media and pundits wanted him out the door. Won’t be long before they’ll be linking him with any vacancy in the EPL. Same old from the ABC ( anyone but Celtic) numpty’s.

  • Leftpeg says:

    Couldn’t agree more.
    There is the old Lanarkshire referees Card still up their sleeve though. The sooner this is called out the better.

  • Hans says:

    Not good enough. Games like this are “must win”. James, so many of your posts make you look foolish. I reckon the other lot will drop points tomorrow and it will be as you were. However, this “we will sweep all before us” rubbish is just that……rubbish.

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