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Why In God’s Name Did The Press Ask The Celtic Manager About Vaccine Passports?

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Sitting in front of the press today, Ange Postecoglou must have been prepared for a lot of questions on various different aspects of being manager of Celtic.

He might have got questions over whether or not we can go on a run.

Why he chose not to put Soro or McCarthy on the bench at the weekend.

Whether he was tempted to start Giakoumakis instead of Kyogo.

None of these questions were asked. Instead one hack decided to ask him if he thought the attendance would be more affected by the government’s vaccine passports scheme than by the bizarre kick-off time on a Tuesday afternoon.

How in God’s name was our manager supposed to answer a question like that? He did the right thing; he suggested that it might be a better question for someone else at the club, and he moved swiftly on. What else were they expecting him to do?

What the Hell were they thinking, asking him that?

It’s an operational matter than actually has very little to do with Celtic itself and comes from the legislature. It is certainly not an issue on which our manager could have been expected to voice an opinion.

Those of us who aren’t at the pressers – nudge nudge wink wink hint hint Celtic – have to rely on those who are there asking sensible questions and that was not a sensible question and the manager did not even try and pretend that he thought it was.

I don’t what whoever asked that was up to, whether he thought there was an easy headline in it at the manager’s expense, or whatever it was, something criticising the government or perhaps even the club itself, but saw what it was a mile away and batted the query aside.

Honestly, the press makes me despair at times. That was such a ridiculous thing to ask the Celtic boss to speak on. It has no relevance whatsoever to his job or the preparations he is making for the game tomorrow.

What it did allow him to do was reiterate again what great support he and the players have had from the fans, and that at least raised a smile from us.

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  • scouse bhoy says:

    this will be the first test of this legislation at a major event and you can bet your bottom dollar the gutless media will be looking out for any mishaps to put the club in a bad light regarding covid breaches.

  • Nick66 says:

    The Man is far to astute to be drawn into a Celtic v Holyrood arguement. Perhaps the idea was for Ange to moan about Government rules and try to equate them with NL’s ‘moving goalposts’ comments re- the Dubai social distancing. Other than that it makes no sense in any sane mind on the planet.

  • Nick66 says:

    Like the new posting format, however, there’s no facility to ?or ?a post other than replying. Maybe that’s the way now , but the support a post by clicking like or not would be good. I suggest this simply for the reason one cannot reply to every post. Much better now that you can exorcise the Teds and there ilk, so if that’s the price then fair enough.

  • Nick66 says:

    ? and ? Were thumbs up or down symbols. So can’t do that either?

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Thanks again James, its the Blog’s and Podcasts that the fans look to for information and balanced content, not daily rags and the BBC.its time Celtic FC.wised up and realised who the mainstream really are,not our friends.

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