Why Kyogo’s Winter Travels Won’t Be An Issue By The Time They Come Around.

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The Record produced one of its speculative trash pieces this morning on Kyogo and how we could be missing him for critical games, depending on whether he’s selected for Japan or not. The games would all be after the winters break.

Honestly, I don’t know why we’d be worrying about that right now when we have the rest of October, November and then December to get through first. The schedule has enough to be concerning us without us looking too far ahead like this.

The thing is, if we do things right then it won’t be as big concern as it is if you’re looking at it right now.

Giakoumakis will be fit and producing for us by then, and if we’ve got our January plans up to snuff we can have brought in a couple more players by the time it’s something to be thinking about. That should give us a couple more options in the forward area.

Honestly, the press will do anything right now to try and take the shine off the fact we’ve discovered a real gem in this player. If it’s not nonsense like the story about how he’s “disrespected” us it is garbage like this.

For the record, Celtic knows what happens when you sign players from outside Europe and Ibrox will face similar issues over some of their players. That is mentioned in the same rag but it’s not painted as a doom and gloom scenario as it with us.

There is a perception that we are over-reliant on one player; how in God’s name would the press come to that conclusion, since we’re only a handful of games into the campaign?

We look dependent on Kyogo right now because the only alternative is Ajeti at the moment; when that changes some of this talk will die down to background level again.

That might happen sooner than we think.

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  • harold shand says:

    That rag has three or four ex Sevco bloggers who call themselves ‘ Digital Journalists ‘

    They sit on various social media platforms searching out stories about Celtic then they copy and paste them

    Then they put a negative slant on them by misquoting interviews etc

    Don’t click on them you’re putting money in their pockets

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    re. harold shand. Exactly, I have all of them barred from my feed and near every day James tears apart what they have printed. I’m very grateful we have the bloggers but surely we don’t have to read daily about the dr’s nonsense non-news-stories through James?
    Their ‘output’ is a disgrace and biased beyond belief, maybe the answer for me is simple, do not read James’s autopsy of their ‘work’ failing that I’m as well as reading that bile for myself.
    Again, just incase you missed it, James, I’m thankful you do what you do, it’s very much appreciated.

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