Yesterday Alan Nixon Used The Celtic Boss’s Name In A Baseless Piece For An Easy Headline.

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Last night, at around half past nine, Alan Nixon, who for reasons passing understanding is someone regarded as “in the know” by a lot of our fans although he writes for a rag most of us wouldn’t pick up with radiation proof gloves on, posted a baseless piece of absolute trash which targeted our manager.

He used Ange for cheap hits and an easy headline.

This complete non-story was about the Ukrainian striker Andrey Shevchenko and how he wants a move into club management in the UK.

This apparently has “put clubs on red alert.”

Stupid clubs, that they would take a punt on a guy who’s never managed a club team and who’s record as Ukraine boss was a 48%-win record.

This is not journalism as much it resembles a PR piece on behalf of a client. Perhaps that’s not terribly far from the truth.

What’s certain is that he threw Celtic’s name into the story, and hinted that we “could” be tempted “if” Ange isn’t seen to be getting it done. This is the kind of gutless wonder stuff that real journalists are told never to put in their stories, far less build one on.

In short, it is fifth rate blogger stuff, not a story that belongs in a national title and certainly not something to take seriously.

There is not a single quote from a source in there.

No suggestion that our board is unhappy with Ange far less that we’re looking for replacement candidates.

Nothing to suggest that Shevchenko would tick any of the boxes even if we were.

It reeks. It’s pure bullshit, with not a single important fact in it.

I cannot remember reading anything so vacuous and empty; the average shopping list is weightier and more worthy of our time and consideration. To think Celtic lets this guy into the stadium whilst he writes dreck like this, using our club’s name for his own ends.

It’s the kind of article that makes me wish sometimes that we had the balls to adopt a policy like the one across the road.

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  • Johnny says:

    A fuckin scumbag

  • Dora says:

    I’m still in shock at Charlie Mulgrew sat next to boyd…it was like a thoroughbred stallion overlooking a dodgy old, has been pony and how sky sports have that fkwit Boyd on their screens for all to see…he’s as thick as two short hunnies !!

  • Paul slavin says:

    I would take shevchenko tomorrow.
    Well respected, plenty of contacts, managed in Europe and willing to change tactics.
    Everyone knows how Ange plays and everyone knows he will continue this way until he is sacked in February just like Barnes and mowbray
    We need a manger who has plans bcdefgh and can change, not one who only has one way of playing and refuses to change

  • Geoff says:

    Never seen the article
    Haven’t heard of the writer
    Quite sure 99% of Celtic fans have either
    Not sure why you would highlight it?

  • Peterbrady says:

    Can you explain to me why we tolerate this charade what’s the point of spending on season books merchandise and match day your hard-earned and it is fake . Do not say it is a love of your club and team when sevco die they will create a third entity and it will continue so let’s stop it no more cheating no more collusion no more corruption . jUST REAL FOOTBALL REAL SPORT.

  • DannyBhoy says:

    Who the fek is Alan Nixon and what rag does he write for????

  • SSMPM says:

    Alan who? “in the know” says who? Delusional blog reporting delusional rag again and again

  • Dannybhoy says:

    If I want to read these @rseholes columns I will buy a paper. Something I have not done for ages. They are nobodies.

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