Gerrard Does Have “Unfinished Business” At Ibrox. Getting The Sack.

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Reading the rash of stories today which continue the farce that Gerrard might have a choice to make between Saudi Arabian plaything Newcastle United and Ibrox, I should point out that I’m perfectly willing to turn down Jennifer Lawrence should she ever make herself available and chap on my door.

I am, you see, perfectly happy with life as it is right now.

But of course, that’s an option that will never be available to me and I don’t think that there’s any more likelihood of Gerrard being asked the question the media all wants to debate. The way they are painting this – as an expression of his loyalty – is laughable because everyone knows he would be on the first plane down there if there was a flicker of interest in him.

Keith Jackson is the latest to push this idiotic line that not only would Newcastle be interested in the single trophy winner but that he would turn them down to pledge his allegiance to the Peepul. It hardly needs pointing out that this theory will never be tested. Do you think Jackson knows he’s full of it here or is he simply trying to keep in good with his brethren?

In the end, what does it matter.

He and others have proposed an interesting theory for why Gerrard would hang around in the backwater of the SPFL; he has “unfinished business” here.

On this one I’m actually generally in agreement with them; Gerrard does have unfinished business in the league, just not that which an entire industry of media toadies seems to think. Gerrard’s story here is not fated to have a happy ending, cause he’s just not that good a manager and especially not when there is pressure put on him.

We are going to send him back to England unemployed, perhaps even unemployable as Lennon currently is, although his name carries a bit of weight and might be enough to swing him some work somewhere.

Gerrard is very good at spending money and he has built a workmanlike team which can defend well. These things will not sell him as a solution for even a mid-table EPL side far less one that seeks to supplant the top teams in the country.

Gerrard’s unfinished business is getting the sack. That’s what he’s hanging around Scotland for. The longer he’s here the more likely it is and his title will not save him especially if his record, having spent all that money, is no better than it is right now.

You’d think this joker had conquered all he surveyed the way the press goes on about him. I wrote earlier about the global health crisis and how lockdown came too late to save a lot of people; well it came just in time to save Gerrard.

By the time this season ends, we’re going to finish what we couldn’t then.

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