The Record’s Embarrassing Dig At Ange Reveals How Shallow Their “Celtic Fan Survey” Is.

Image for The Record’s Embarrassing Dig At Ange Reveals How Shallow Their “Celtic Fan Survey” Is.

Today The Daily Record posted the details of its “Celtic fan survey”, and a number of questions arise from the existence of such a thing.

First, why any Celtic fan would wish to participate in it is a mystery to me.

Secondly, is it only that rag that could have wilfully misinterpreted the results of their own poll to get the anti-Ange headline that they wanted?

Because, believe it or not (and I am betting it won’t be a stretch for anybody) that’s exactly what The Record has done today; it has deliberately spun the results of a survey that it commissioned itself, so that it can “warn” the manager about what the fans think.

The crucial question was this; “If Celtic fail to win the league, how much of the blame should be placed on the club’s board?”

And the answer they are headlining is that 43% said that the board would carry “all” of the blame. But this, of course, is a bullshit option.

Nevertheless, they got their latest despicable headline; less than half of the fans would blame the board. Ergo, the rest would blame the manager. Which is a warning to him that he will carry the can if we don’t win the title.

But look a little closer – and you don’t have to be an expert on polling to do so – and you find out that the next most popular option, with 38% of the vote, is that the board would carry “the majority of it”.

Which means that between the first and second options, 81% of the support who responded would apportion the bulk, if not all, of the blame to our directors should the season not go as planned.

Yet how did The Record choose to headline the piece?

“Celtic survey questions answered as Parkhead fans remind Ange Postecoglou not all blame can be pinned on the board.”


They have actually managed to spin the top-line result into an anti-Ange headline although the vast majority of the fans would point the finger elsewhere.

On top of the 81% who would overwhelmingly hold the board accountable, another 13% said they would carry at least some of the blame and only 5% claim that they would not be responsible at all.

“Perhaps the biggest finding of the survey was that less than half of the Parkhead faithful said they would fully blame the board if Postecoglou fails to deliver the Scottish Premiership title,” this report says. “Only 43 per cent said all of the blame should go to Celtic chiefs if they don’t recover the trophy.”

Here’s my favourite part; this poll, which allegedly reflects Celtic fan opinion and offers a warning to our manager, had quite an interesting number of respondents.

A whole 702 of them.

Any one of the Celtic blogs could have obtained a larger sample.

Indeed, I’ve asked a mate of mine, Paddy Sinat at Vital Celtic, to do exactly that and to bring us the results … so let’s find out what the fans really think instead of relying on that rag to bring information on this stuff to us.

Honestly, I reckon that’s a pitiful number of respondents for a national title, and a really weak number to base an article on.

Curiously – and this is interesting to me – the number who responded to the survey across the city was shockingly lower even than this; a massive 87 people could be bothered to answer their sophomoric questions.

Know what the amazing thing here is? Had they not slapped that anti-Ange headline on the piece I wouldn’t even have read it. I’d have ignored it and moved on. But they drew attention to the article with that provocative headline and so forced me to examine the actual content.

And in doing so, heaped embarrassment on themselves.

Try to imagine how dumb a national title needs to be to actually advertise its own irrelevance in this way.

Imagine being dumb enough to publish, on the graphics, such a tiny number of respondents and then to try to dress this up as reflecting fan opinion.

How stupid are these people?

Still, their nonsense needs to be challenged time and time again.

Their anti-Ange agenda is now front and centre and today they dared to pretend they were speaking for our fan-base.

What a joke they are.

What a ridiculous article their “Celtic fan survey” turned out to be.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    …just trying to remember the blame Gerrard poll form 3 years ago ????

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      The one thing they wont be is embarrassed the same club lie after printing 140 years of history ended is proof of that. I said in another post asking where the scrutiny was for the worst manager of both ibrox clubs which in their failure to do so cost newco another year in the lower tier

  • Terry Thomas says:

    I think they spoke to sevco fans not Celtic fans who is interested in the shit the crappie paper prints no wonder it is loosing readers with the crap they print they just seem to make things up as they go along

  • SSMPM says:

    Don’t read that hun supporting rag so wouldn’t remember or care if there ever was such a thing and wonder why any true Celtic minded person would James??
    I don’t read it cause its full of Jim Whyte but James its you that always makes sure we have to be subjected to its bile lying content here. I know you feel you have to but jeez. HH

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Probably most of those 702 replies to their ‘Celtic poll’ were sevco fans, another thing any Celtic fan that reads that rag needs to have a word with themselves, faithful through and through they are most certainly NOT. You have to being a blogger, I’ll accept NO excuses.
    And James, yes they are VERY stupid and I’m speaking ALL sports desk reporters in bigoted Scotland, their hatred for all things Celtic has been visible from the International Space Station(ISS) for some time now. A hatred that grows and grows everyday we edge back closer to regaining the title, and imho that will be next season. (I hope I’m wrong)
    The FIX IS IN for this season’s title as We have all witnessed, it’s all hands on deck to ensure ‘that lot’ retain the title.

  • Saulgoodman says:

    The only disgrace is so called celtic fans buying this excuse of a paper , its only still just existing cause 40% sevco fans still buy it – its ran for them ! If they stop buying the paper folds – hence anti celtic articles every other day

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