The Hibs Manager Has Reminded Us What Scotland Will And Won’t Tolerate.

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Today, Jack Ross told the media about a series of disgusting personal attacks on Ryan Porteous over the past couple of weeks, as Sevco social media turned on him over this red card.

It wasn’t enough that the guy was wrongly set on, they weren’t satisfied with that or with their manager basically slagging him off.

They wanted more, and they poured out their bile.

It’s barely made a ripple in the press. There are thing that Scotland tolerates – people getting told that they should die, horribly, for example – and things that it won’t. Like booing. I don’t even want to hear the word “racism” mentioned, that was a confected controversy for which an entire nation was smeared and nobody has apologised to them for it.

There are Peepul who are allowed to fling whatever bile at others that they like. If they are Ibrox “official media partners” all the better, but don’t give a hard time to any of theirs or out come the violins and the bleeding hearts tunes start.

Porteous doesn’t deserve that any more than Kamara deserves the actual racism he’s suffered. All Porteous did was go in for a 50/50 ball. For that he gets people wishing him dead? No matter his manager is appalled and disgusted.

No wonder he stood up for his player, although he should have done it at the time when Gerrard was talking crap about how it could have ended his player’s career. Only if losing in the tackle can break your spirit and force you to chuck it, because that’s all that happened.

What’s really going on here is the insatiable urge some of the Peepul have for blood, anyone’s really as long as they can wade up to their knees in it. Fenian blood is preferable, obviously, but really any sort will do, from anyone they can target.

Reasons don’t matter. They’re only excuses anyway. That’s what Jack should have said today, and that’s what the papers would say if they had the bottle for it. Their problem is that they are scared, and I can understand why … it might be their reporters next, but that’s the price of going to war with the Peepul last time and not seeing it through.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    But will they learn this time round??
    Not a chance, they’re born tae lick the broon brogues ae the maisters, worse still; they’re every bit as cowardly.
    ‘For with those evil eyes they have NO PLACE in Paradise’
    Maybe a wee bit over zealous but, right now if I’m a board member, I’d make ‘that lot’ EARN the right to get back inside CP again. I mean it’s not as if there’s isn’t a plethora of previous examples to show, the destruction of a toilet block costing £11k+ is but one.
    Make them earn the right to get back in, they make their own rules, but Our board has no appetite for standing their ground, let alone going into battle over that or any other issue.

    Oh! for a Fergus McCann type to fight for Our Club once again,
    We didn’t know just how lucky We All were when he was here and rattling the cages of the SFA
    Come back The Bunnet

    • Henry S says:

      I personally think, that all clubs, are scared of upsetting the bears, totally shite, all managers should speak their mind, when they receive an offside penalty against them, or an honest mistaken red card they should vent their anger to the SFA, or the SPFL, as these instances are critical in winning the league, or being relegated

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