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Scottish Football Has Been Served Another Reminder About Sevco’s Limitless Blood Lust.

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If you’ve been following the news today you’ll know that the chairman of St Mirren is apologising over historical tweets which have offended the Peepul.

These include calling them Sevco and using the word “huns”, a word that was in common currency to describe the Ibrox clubs for decades, and had no sectarian undertones, before the permanently offended decided it was “bigoted.”

It has never been less than an accurate description.

Sevco is not only factually correct, it’s what every club’s board in the country, and every national newspaper, should be calling them as well.

I am glad to know that at least one chairman respects the truth.

That he has now been brought to book – the SFA is investigating this – is quite ridiculous.

The simple truth is that nobody likes the club at Ibrox, a product of the way that it behaves.

That more people don’t express it quite this openly is the only surprise.

But the way in which the hate mob has been mobilised and the media weaponised and the SFA itself forced to open a discipline case serves as another reminder here of what Scottish football is up against in trying to forever tip-toe around the club across the city.

Nothing you do will work. Nothing you say will protect you.

This guy has given them ammunition but they went looking for it.

If you are in their sights they will keep on looking until they find something. Warren Buffet’s comment about putting a traffic cop on someone’s tail until he finds an offence is as apt as it ever was; you drive far enough and you will be done.

This lot are coming for everyone they can get, and hiding and keeping your head down will not save you.

The only rational response is to stand up to it and tell them to take their best shot. The St Mirren chairman can’t do that of course, but nor should he supplicate himself for these Peepul either. I would neither give them the satisfaction or the scent of blood.

How many more lessons will those in our game need before they understand what the Ibrox operation is; a hate factory, spewing it out day after day.

They need to tackled, not appeased.

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  • Gerry Graham says:

    The “Harry Dunn’s” can’t face the truth and that’s they’re biggest problem..Liquidation is a word they never use but as far as I’m concerned they get it rammed down there throats every time I post anything about them..They stood back and let the old rancid club die and it eats at them every time I bring it up..I’ll always remember them how they let that sespit of a club die and as long as I have breath in my body I always will..HH

  • Dora says:

    Disgusting klub, the most despised klub on the planet, bar none!
    What a klub; they wave the most popular union joke whilst chanting that chant that half the clubs/nations on the planet chant….how original and sad are sevco footy klub

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    If sfa charge the St. Mirren chairman, he should remind them, that they were the ones who signed the 5-way agreement where sevco was the name on the document. HH

  • Nick66 says:

    Given the the recent behaviour of the Sevco hordes, let the “H” word drop and be rereplad with another historic tribe. VANDALS. A good non sectarian description.

  • Johnny says:

    Good on him, they can’t do nothing to him for telling the truth. They are sevco and if it went to a court of law he would get off. HH

  • Michael Miller says:

    The Silence from our own club is shocking

  • Thomas Cochrane says:

    It seems no one in football or the media is willing to tackle this absolute monster in our midst, until folk stand up for themselves nothing will change.

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