Sevco Player/Coach’s Lawyer Tells A Court That He’s In “Isolation” For The Bug.

Image for Sevco Player/Coach’s Lawyer Tells A Court That He’s In “Isolation” For The Bug.

Another interesting little tale bubbled out of the cesspool of Ibrox this afternoon; Jermaine Defoe, who as you’ll be aware is not only a player at Ibrox but on the coaching team as well, missed a court appearance for a driving offence this morning.

His lawyer told the court that he is in self-isolation because of the bug.

There is no further information on it, because none was offered but no other player or member of the coaching staff is isolating although you’d think there’d have been some close contact.

It’s the latest in a line of these over there; Gerrard said a few weeks ago that issues relating to the bug were still affecting his team, but nobody was out at the time due to it. So many things over there remain a complete mystery to us.

I spoke to the government and the SFA a few months ago on this, as regular readers will be well aware.

Both of them confirmed that the whole system relies on honest reporting; in other words, it relies on the clubs notifying test and trace immediately of all close contacts and positive test results.

When I asked what would happen if a club didn’t I got nothing back from the SFA and a rather stunned email from the Scottish Government asking who would be so reckless.

As if that question requires an answer.

This is now in the public domain, so if there is other information to drop on it – like a list of close contacts or whatever – we should know soon enough. There’s no information on how long Defoe has spent in isolation or how long he has to.

But it’s amazing how many cases there have been over there this season already when last season there were virtually none.

Definitely one that’s worth keeping an eye on.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    I was under the impression that they’d found their own cure last year. And refused to divulge it to the rest of the world. HH

  • Big b says:

    Integriry is a moral compass of resposibility and honesty….the number 55 is the biggest lie alive….in less than 10 yrs aswell…..#waffle

  • Andy Ritchie says:

    You have got to be a pure muppet (Scottish sports media) to actually believe not 1 single case of covid was present last season at Asbestos Dome, rumour has it there were plenty of selfies being taken with players on their covid title win celebrations kids also apparently were being passed through the prison styled ibrbox windows and into the dressing room( can you imagine if this was the case and it was at Parkhead the media would be all over it like a swarm of ants on a lollipop. Anyway I guess with the blue-nosed media and Scot Gov we will never hear to the truth as they bend over backwards to protect their favourite club from any leaks to the unbiased press.

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