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The Media Has Started Turning On The Nutty Gerrard To Newcastle Story.

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The Scottish press has finally started waking up to the truth about the nutty idea that Gerrard is good enough for the Newcastle job.

Yesterday, on Radio Scotland, the idea was being scorned by none other than Chick Young, and if you read that and reckon that he’s in denial about his beloved club losing their manager it wasn’t that at all; it was a straightforward assessment of Gerrard’s chances which led Young to the conclusion that he had no chance.

In fact, in one of the best bits of the discussion, he suggested that if Gerrard had a shot then perhaps Callum Davidson, Scotland’s uncrowned manager of the year last year, had a shot as well. That theme has been taken up today by Hugh Keevins in the Sunday Mail.

The idea is finally being treated like the joke that it is. Even if you were prepared to overlook the first two seasons and last year’s cup defeats and only focus on the title win, people would have to also look at the start they’ve made to this campaign, which is far from impressive either domestically or in Europe. Gerrard has, as I said yesterday, reverted to type.

The story will now die its natural death over the next few weeks, a symptom perhaps of the fevered international break period where flights of fantasy are more common. That let’s some of them off. Not so much guys like Chris Jack and Keith Jackson, whose sycophancy was very real and who were convinced that this might actually have legs … albiet that Gerrard would refuse entreaties from the billionaires, an idea just as daft as them approaching him.

I don’t mind that these discussions are had, but you’ll notice that none of these idiots ever said that Rodgers would stay at Celtic because he “got the club”, even when Rodgers came from a background steeped in our traditions and ethos.

Gerrard is now “one of them” and that’s clearly true, but I don’t think many of us mean that as a compliment. Nevertheless, it’s a fair bet that he’d be off like a shot if a decent English club showed any interest in him. Only mugs ever doubted that.

It took bigger mugs to believe Newcastle might ever look in his direction. It now seems that they are in a minority. Perhaps the rest of them just don’t want to be laughed at.

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  • Barry says:

    It’s going to take Newcastle about 3-4 managers and a lot of players before they get close to be where they want to be, but they need & want to start with a reasonably strong and experienced manager. The SMSM punted this drivel and like everything else they publish, if they say it enough and shout louder, then stupid people start believing that there maybe some to img in the story. Normal people see it for what it is. Slippy is neither a strong or experienced manager and no top team worth their salt would even consider him to run their multi-million Pune business. He’s brought in approximately 50 players and not made a profit on any of them. Quite the opposite, he has single handedly devalued every player in his squad. You could argue Kamara, but they never got him for the £50k stated. Like every player they buy, they get them cheap, but with huge sell on clauses, in the region of 40%-50% of the whole sale price and not just the profit. They still owe Wigan for Tavanier, Liverpool for Kent, Dundee for Kamara, and Huddersfield for Junhino. He’s getting found out this season and he’ll want to jump at the first opportunity, but hart hats not Newcastle as you can’t reject a job you haven’t been offered.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    morelos, surely £30 million for him can’t be beyond the realms of possibility? HH

  • SSMPM says:

    Gerrard, I believe, had Celtic supporter backing as a player but over the years the very worst of his character has been exposed.
    Assaulting a DJ and in defence blaming him for readying an attack on Gerrard was the start of the exposure of this lying hypocrite, all too visible on CCTV. Taking the rankers manager’s job was bad enough but he has sold out completely to them. He is now fully immersed in this racist club where his supporters talk, even on this site (Ted), of sending Catholics to concentration camps. He has sold his soul, ethics and morality to a racist bigoted club and culture for the orange pound. He is a hypocrite of the highest order – the Gerrard bigot supporters club at sky sports, couldn’t promote his name enough for the job yesterday. More hypocrites talking anti discrimination for all on Goebbels state TV while promoting Gerrard as a virtuous entity and his club as victims.
    Steve Bruce strikes me as a more accomplished manager and a decent man who on a limited budget has achieved PL continuity for them. What might Bruce, a Geordie that loves his club, do if he had a decent budget and the backing of his board instead of considering this deal with the devil money grabbing charlatan. HH

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