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Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic Are All Grown Up And Playing For High Stakes Now.

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This, finally, was the night Plan Ange got the result that proves how far we’ve come in a very short time.

That was a massive evening for us, an evening which could have gone wrong and given the media their narrative until at least the weekend; an uneven team which still has a long way to go. Well, we have a ways to go but not a long ways.

We are far closer to being where we want to be than anyone would have believed possible.

Locked in a title race where the opposition is swaying like a drunk in a chip shop queue and now in a good position to progress through this tough Europa League Group … few of our esteemed sporting journalists would have bet on either outcome.

I personally believed from an early stage that we’d be in the league race.

I thought this was way, way too early for a night like this and it might – should have been? – an even bigger night had we been able to do against the Spaniards what we did here, which was win from a two goal lead.

More than just the victory, more than the three goals away from home, was the fact that our heads didn’t go down at the equaliser, that we pulled ourselves up and kept playing football until we were in total control of the tie.

This team isn’t complete.

The journey is nearer the start than the end.

But by God, what a difference.

By God, what a team this has the potential to be.

It must be sickening for our rivals to watch that tonight, as we swaggered and conquered and secured our win.

They know we’re not only coming for them; the challenge they dreaded is on their doorstep.

Our front three tonight were sensational.

There is no other word for it.

Jota scored one and made one. Kyogo scored one and made one. Abada’s goal was brilliantly taken. There is a kind of telepathy between Kyogo and the Portuguese in particular which adds an element to our play; Jota terrorised them tonight, proving – as if we needed the proof – that the £6.5 million will be the best money, with the easiest guaranteed return, we will ever spend.

What a great night’s footballing entertainment we provided here.

It was a pleasure to watch us tonight in our attacking play. We offer the neutral a thrilling football experience right now, with such talented players up front. If we play like this domestically – as opposed to that daft cross-ball tactic which doesn’t damned work – no-one will be able to resist us.

The one niggling worry is the injury to Welsh and the knock Bitton seemed to take. We are just edging out of an injury crisis, and we need a functional central defence for the weekend, although Scales looked good in the few minutes he was on.

But that aside, this was a fine night for Celtic and for Ange’s big project. We are further down the line than we knew. We went to a tough European away venue tonight and scored three times and brought the points home. This is not a timid side and you can’t be timid if you’re going to watch them either haha; watching Celtic right now is a rollercoaster thrill.

And on nights like that, a genuine aesthetic pleasure with three points and guaranteed European football after Christmas.

Keep the passports ready people!

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  • Nick66 says:

    When two teams play football to win, you see the team that plays football better win. That was a great game tonight a joy to watch and a joy to see our Bhoys enjoy themselves. When Betis come to Paradise for the final game it will be a different Celtic that shipped 4 to them. We clearly see the back line coming together, the fact that it was disrupted by Starman’s injury made no difference. That’s the game changer now. The faith in this squad of ours grows and i for one is delighted for them and we, the supporting cast.

  • John says:

    Calm down a bit James! Sure a great result with some brilliant attacking play but the goals conceded were very poor and that worries. All Celtic fans should have been sitting watching with the cigars out but instead we were clinging on waiting on the final whistle. Lets not kid ourselves this was a good team we were playing. They were bang average.If we are as slack at the back against Leverkausen we will most certainly take another beating
    Having said all that it was great to get a result on the road again. HH

    • Geoff says:

      Totally agree John
      Said same when James was talking about our easier Nov/Dec run of games
      Draw v Livvy although had me raging emphasised my point
      One game at a time
      No one will give us a walkover

  • SSMPM says:

    Well done Hoops, great performance, great result. That telepathy though James, that one you just wrote about with such exuberance between Kyogo and Jota, that only happens if Kyogo’s selected and on the park. HH

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