Anti-Celtic Idiot’s Unhinged Attack On Our Player Not Surprisingly Goes Mainstream.

Image for Anti-Celtic Idiot’s Unhinged Attack On Our Player Not Surprisingly Goes Mainstream.

One of the highlights of my weekend was catching, briefly, Alex Rae having an actual mental break with reality on the radio on Saturday as I was coming back from the game because Kyogo had won the late penalty. I can only imagine his reaction if we’d scored; I would have downloaded his melt-down and played it at least once a day for a year.

There is a certain entertainment value to having an anti-Celtic goon on a broadcasting platform where he has to pretend to be a neutral. There is a certain hilarity to be had in reading his comments in the mainstream press where we’re supposed to treat them as if they were serious, as if they were legitimate, as if he actually were a commentator and not just a biased clown who most podcasts would think was too low-brow for their target audience.

Rae wanted Kyogo up before the compliance officer for making a meal out of the incident for which Livingston had a player sent off and our penalty awarded. Listening to him was like listening to one of those Qanon conspiracy theorists; I understood all the words that came out of his mouth but I couldn’t imagine how any sane person could have put them into that order, or thought that there was a way to make them sound logical or even just connected to reality.

He thinks our player’s conduct was “embarrassing.” I think his continued presence in the media is truly embarrassing. I think some of those who are connected to our club jumping onto an arch-enemy’s bandwagon is embarrassing. I think that there are too many people in the media like Rae, ex-Ibrox employees forever being asked to comment on Celtic and that would be embarrassing except that the press gives it legitimacy instead.

This is another effort to call Kyogo a cheat. Some of the press has already flirted with this bizarre line of attack and it looks as if they want to pursue it further.

Let them. It’s transparently obvious that this is motivated by fear.

Let people like Rae make the argument, as absurd it as it is. It’s a minor annoyance because even if it had a shred of legitimacy these idiots would delegitimise it automatically because they can’t even say our club’s name without grinding their teeth and spitting it like a curse.

They hate us. And sometimes the level of that hatred, and the blindness it inspires, is kind of funny. Listening to him on Saturday, I couldn’t help but laugh and that some of the media thinks this is worthy of amplification means they are just as bad.

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  • CHRIS says:

    That photo is frightening.
    Best Halloween mask ever.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    I always thought of him as the screeming skull,and nothing changes my perception, regardless of his vocabulary training, to try and come across as erudite. Always will be a moron.

  • HUGH MULLAN says:

    Rae was on the pitch when Lovenkrands went down like a tonne badgers when confronted by Alan Thompson. Wonder if he was embarrassed??

  • Tommy says:

    If he thinks Kyogo was embarrassing on Saturday, he should check out footage of himself trying to get Paul Dickov sent off when Leicester played wolves years ago. ? We shouldn’t be surprised at this type of garbage considering the incredibly high number of EBT recipients in the Scottish media.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    The inane ramblings of this chump are as you say hilarious.How the heck a major broadcaster can employ a man whose behaviour on the park was despicable I just don’t know

  • SSMPM says:

    Because its a major hun broadcasting corporation and he’s a hun. He like Clit Blob need counselling for their MH difficulties, chuck in some anger management courses too. HH

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    This is the very same Poophole Who doesn’t understand the meaning of Liquidation.Govan Sevco FC 2012 implying anyone is a Cheat,Reality is They are the Laughing Stock of Scottish Football.They Arra Poophole Can’t wait for Liquidation 2

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