Celtic Win In Front Of The Most Horrible Fans To Visit This Season

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This afternoon, a freezing Celtic Park has been visited by people we would not ordinarily let into our own homes.

I know a lot of Aberdeen fans online and they are almost overwhelmingly good and decent folk and thus I have a lot of time for their club and I’ve written about them an awful on this site down through the years.

So I am always amazed when, on personal exposure to their away support, to find them horrendously bitter and nasty and comprised of people who seem to spend more of their time staring at and gesturing at our fans and chanting at us in a way the loathsome fans across the city would recognise than they do watching the game.

It astonishes me how many of Ibrox’s dark obsessions these people have taken as their own, Do they know how much they resemble the fan-base they claim to despise above all others? Do they know how horribly alike they have become when they come to Celtic Park and behave like the Vanguard Scum at their running worst?

There has always been a highly unpleasant element amongst their fans, and this has been manifested several times in their dealings with the Ibrox club.

When they sing – as they used to, before they morphed into them – that “We have Sevco more than you” they mean it because even our most hard-core fans would never have done some of what they have in the name of despising the clubs at Ibrox … and yet they’ve not recognised that such behaviour makes them their mirror image.

The blindness is extraordinary.

I genuinely dislike their away fans, this element they have which seems to always be looking for trouble, always doing its best to be as loathsome and offensive as possible. I suppose if we followed a team that never won anything we might develop deep-seated frustrations but I don’t think it would ever descend to the level of their inferiority complex and sincere hatreds.

Or at least I hope it wouldn’t. Thankfully, we’ll never known.

Short of the visit of Ibrox fans to this ground during this campaign – you can never say never but I imagine that pigs will fly sooner – or we draw some horrible lot of right wing racists in the Europa Conference League this lot will have a dubious honour which they can wear with pride; the most horrible fans to attend Parkhead this season.

So congratulations, I guess. It’s an achievement of sorts I suppose.

The game itself was a harder one than we’d have liked, won by a single goal. The man of the match was Jota – yet again – on a day when the front men did a lot of work but didn’t have a lot of chances. Still, we were the only team who showed up to play football and got the deserved win. I’ll do a full match report later but for now it’s good just to have the three points.

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  • Frederick Howden says:

    What we’re this vermin actually up to ?

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Dunno of that’s true James, because there’s polis inside Celtic Park…

    Alongside parking attendants they REALLY ARE DESPICABLE AFTER WHAT THEY DID TODAY



  • Seppington says:

    I’ve lived in the area for decades and found not long after I got here that their fans are a bunch of roasters! On a one-to-one level they’re fine enough but get a gang of them even watching a match in a pub and you see what a shower of dickheads they can be.
    I think it’s very much born of the fact they may be the smallest club to ever win a European trophy (I had a quick scan at the past winners of the CL, UEFA Cup and CWC and it looks that way), dead though that competition may be. What I did not know was that after the European Cup/CL, UEFA regarded the CWC as it’s second tier trophy with the UEFA Cup as the lesser of the three. I always thought the CWC was the diddy cup for some reason, but this revelation frankly denigrates the hun’s greatest achievement further. Delicious.

    Not that I’d complain if we won the thing though, ha!

    But anyway, TL/DR? Screw the huns and the dandies both.

  • Roonsa says:

    Aberdeen and Hibs fans are top of my list for scumiest non huns. I mind – going back to my teenage years (80s) – these fans stirred up the most trouble at CP. So what, we won. Me move on.

  • Damian says:

    Is, “we have Sevco more than you” a reference to the amount of cup competitions they’ve put them out of in recent seasons?

    Seriously though, what were they saying/doing? I sit at the other end of the ground.

  • Annette McGurran says:

    The only time I’ve felt scared at a game was at home against Aberdeen. Walking back to supporters bus we were dodging half bricks being lobbed at us. Never been so glad to get on the bus.

  • Tony B says:

    What exactly did they do that was so horrible? It is not at all clear from your article.

  • Roonsa says:

    Anyone who was as confused as I was about this and the GB food drive reporting on here will find clarity on this article

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