Boyd’s Latest Celtic Snark Shows Just How Utterly We Dominate His Tiny Mind.

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Kris Boyd had a dig at Celtic and our fans last night whilst covering the scores in the Europa League. Entirely unprompted.

Entirely without cause.

He just put that smug grin on his idiot face and took a shot at us, for no reason at all, doubtless baffling those who tuned in to hear the results. Why do the neutrals in the audience he works for deserve that contempt?

That studio is not a platform for him to air his greivances and wage personal vendettas.

His employers are mugs for allowing that.

Boyd’s comments might have struck harder if his team’s Europa League group had not have been pitifully weak.

It might have been a better shot had the games not been covered on a different channel, from the empty home of the League Cup Finalists because the club he cheers for like a performing seal had banned a fellow broadcaster.

Where, by the way, is his statement of support for Sutton?


What a gutless individual Boyd is, playing ring-and-run like this on a single working brain cell, whilst a journalist ten times better is being treated like dirt by his favourite club.

Boyd’s support for our former player would be a game-changer with respect to this, but he withholds it.

He is a poisonous individual.

He had his dig tonight in a manner that was wholly unprofessional. Not one other pundit on that show feels the need to slag rival clubs. It wouldn’t fly. They all have a little more respect for the audience than that.

The press, of course, love this circus clown without the paint on.

The man is a muppet, and only fellow goons could find him in the least bit amusing.

Last night he proved only that we live, rent free, in this guy’s head, that we are on his mind constantly, that when he’s not slagging us he’s in hiding from us.

It is absolutely pathetic, and those who employ him continue to piss on their audience from a great height.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Yeah. I was just thinking about Kris Boyd there. That’s the last straw for me. If he had the wit of Sutton and, dare I say, McCoist it would be water off a duck’s back. But you’re right. He’s nowt but a bitter hun who only shows his “funny” side when he things are going his way. F**k him. I’m not contributing to his wages any more. Off it goes tonight after I finish work. Prick.

    • Kyogos Dream Team says:

      Boydchunkoz just ur Run ae the Mill Deluded Hun Bastard that drags their Knuckoz roon the Crumbledome lol! A total FUKIN NON ENTITY whoze IQ x 100 is 0!! WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • The Bunnet says:

    James, you are as bad.
    Boyd lives rent-free in your head.

    I could not care less what that grinning idiot has to say about Celtic and wouldnt have known anything about it if you hadnt just blogged about it!

    He’s an irrelevence, stop obsessing about him-this is what he craves and you just continue to feed him

    • Roonsa says:

      The whole point of this blog, in my mind, is to look at Scottish football from a Celtic supporter’s view. It is to help people wean themselves off garbage like the daily record which, as you would expect, reports the Kris Boyd event like it’s a good old giggle. I am not a Record reader and never have been but my dad is and I am forever telling him to check out this blog instead of paying Keith Jackson’s bloated salary.

      Point being, what this blog is doing is reporting the same story from a different angle. I think that’s fair enough in my opinion.

      However, I do accept your view of things – i.e. he’s an irrelevance.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      The problem is sky sports giving him a platform. There would be uproar if it concerned bias against any english team from the likes of carragher or neville.

  • John S says:

    The most spurious of excuses from Ibrox on the banning of Chris Sutton does not deflect that it is discrimination.

  • Frankie pearson says:

    I can’t believe anybody comments on this piece of useless skin myself included,when he is in discussion about what he thinks he knows about the game you can see the sawdust coming out both his ears.

  • Sean says:

    I have no problem with it to be honest, we were asking were he was all week, winding him up, and he replied. Don’t give it out, if you can’t take it back. Come on James, are you saying big Sutton dosnt wind people up, he absolutely does. I’ll be laughing on the 19th of December, stop getting your nickers In a twist, he was always going to reply. It’s all part of the course, it’s been this way always, with Celtic and rangers.

  • John Maher says:


    There should be a concerted effort by all supporters to get this totally biased presenter off our screens. Imagine NFL coming out with this hatred. He would have MSM 9n his back constantly. I am canceling my Sky Sports subscription.

    Cheers and Hail Hail

  • Dora says:

    I think you need to back off and leave my herwo Kris alone,…I think he’s great, almost as popular as my other Fav—-Scotty arsefield who I care deeply about after funny enough, my other herwo Loyal stevey left the saluting/bright fkwit high and dry….I’m worried about sevco !

  • Robert Downey says:

    You expect that from him, what I didn’t like was Sky giving him a platform to air his bigoted hatred of all things Celtic.
    There again Sky have been no friends of Celtic in recent years.

  • SSMPM says:

    His employers are not mugs, they’re lodge led unionists that stand side by side with the blob against that filthy Scottish Irish club. They hate us and you know it though they’ll take a stance against every other form of discrimination in this country, but ours. EUFA takes a stance, Scotland or rather GB, doesn’t. This passive hope for change belies belief and reality. You are kidding yourself.
    What Celtic need is a channel or paper that stands with us against this discrimination. Oh yeh there isn’t one. I wonder why. HH

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