Carter Vickers And McGregor’s Comments Reveal The United Front At Celtic Park.

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As the wind howls around Parkhead and Lennoxtown again, nobody is panicking and nobody is second guessing the decisions that have been taken behind the scenes.

In the aftermath of the game at the weekend, Ange and the players would have talked about what went wrong – long high balls into the box are something to do with it – and hopefully have learned some lessons.

But other elements of the tactics are welded down and nobody is messing with them.

McGregor and Carter Vickers were excellent in explaining how everyone at the club is totally behind what the manager is trying to do.

The ideas he is getting across to the players make perfect sense to the members of the squad.

There is real unity at Celtic right now, and that is going to be crucial as we go forward. Nobody thinks that we need to radically depart from what Ange is trying to do.

The captain defended the decision to make Giakoumakis the penalty taker.

Carter Vickers praised the tactical approach the manager is bringing to the team, and I liked the way he and McGregor expressed their frustration and even anger at the shockingly negative tactics of Livingston.

There is a good atmosphere inside the club.

The players are battling for each other and protecting each other and they believe in the manager.

This is how we got through the last couple of months and secured those positive results; these guys are now tuned in to the white noise and all the garbage being talked elsewhere. They are focussed on the job.

This sort of unity is what we were missing last season. It’s why when the negative results started things went downhill. Nobody was able – perhaps no-one was willing – to put aside temporary grievances and come together on behalf of the team.

Last season, when we were struggling, you could tell that Callum had serious issues with the approach of the management team and with some of his colleagues. There is none of that in evidence right now. These guys are all singing from the same song-book and pulling together for the greater good.

That’s something to be confident about. That’s a sign of real progress.

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