Celtic Fans Denied Tickets For Hungary In Spite Of Best Efforts Of The Clubs.

Image for Celtic Fans Denied Tickets For Hungary In Spite Of Best Efforts Of The Clubs.

A quick one here; Celtic has just announced that the fans who are travelling over to Hungary will not be permitted to enter the statement because of the ongoing issues with the global health emergency.

It has been hoped that a number of tickets would be available and that recognition of UK vaccine certificates would be enabled; this is not the case.

The club has thanked Ferencvaros for their efforts, and pointed out that both clubs have done everything they could to facilitate the entry of our fans, but it has been in vain. There are clearly still some serious issues with the way the UK Government has gotten agreement for countries abroad to recognise those certifications; this has now impacted Celtic.

The club is to be commended for working as hard as it could on this matter, right up to the last available minute almost.

Those fans who are flying out there now know where they stand; those who want to brave the trip are now aware that they won’t be allowed in the stadium. They should check to make sure that local amenities will be able to service them as well.

Regretable yes, but not surprising.

We are still in the grip of this thing, as hard as that is to believe when you look around sometimes and see people getting on with things as if it were no longer an issue. This is not the first time it has impacted on the ability of our supporters to travel away from home to watch the team; I doubt it will be the last.

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