Celtic Fans Need Answers From Police Scotland, And The Club Must Pay The Fines.

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Everyone will have heard, by now, of the disgraceful behaviour that was meted out to the Green Brigade food-bank collection team today, when Police Scotland took it upon themselves to hand out spot fines to the pickup vehicles for parking violations.

Fans Against Criminalisation say that Celtic are blaming the police and that the police are blaming Celtic. We need answers to who actually is to blame and in the meantime foodbanks and their supporters should not need to be out of pocket in relation to this matter. The club should pay those fines or pay to have them contested.

What is wrong with Police Scotland? Who do they think they are punishing here? If this is about Bernard Higgins it is all the more shameful if the club appoints this man. More than that, Police Scotland itself needs brought to book for this shameful activity.

Part of the problem here is that we live in a culture which fetes the police. No political party wants to risk “the law and order vote” – which means middle class white people – by offending them.

One of the results of this is that we have, in Scotland, one of the least accountable police forces in all of Europe and the results of that are obvious when you look how many times they’ve been sued for unfair prosecution and this apart from the fact that they seem to pick and choose the circumstances under which they actually uphold the law.

The lack of effective scrutiny has allowed them to become – if you’ll pardon the pun – a law unto themselves and it is a matter of time before this morphs into a serious political problem even for those who don’t want to be critical of them.

Their behaviour today at Celtic Park has done not one bit of good to relations between them and our supporters. Indeed, most people who look at the photos and watch the footage of what happened today will find their actions reprehensible. The contempt it shows for the efforts of decent people trying to do the right thing is breath-taking.

Celtic should write the cheques on behalf of the affected parties, re-affirm our club’s commitment to social justice and put some pressure on the politicians until there are answers here. If some of our parliamentarians want to get their storm troopers back on the leash, that would be nice as well and a wee nudge from our club couldn’t hurt that process either.

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  • Nick66 says:

    So the Police would rather fine a charitable drive for the good of the community, than actually stick a couple of quid in the tin for the cause. To me that is plain and simply- nastiness – no other way to describe it. Celtic should make a statement objecting to the action and cover the costs of fines or as you say James a defence against this disgrace.

  • Stevie says:

    Will it be safe for supporters to attend Celtic Park if Mr B Higgins is appointed.
    Celtic supporters can’t do right for doing wrong.
    If the board don’t support the fan base under these circumstances when will they.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Aye Celtic should stand those fines, but how will this be portrayed in the media?
    Willing to guess it won’t be in favour of the the GB and their untold, unsung and selfless work for those in need of help in the middle of a pandemic.
    No, it will be about how the traffic and parking this or that, blah, blah, blah S#i£@.
    Only doing their job??
    Tell that to the folk sevco fans terrorised in the CITY CENTRE TWICE IN 3 MONTHS !!
    Double standards AGAIN.

  • Dora says:

    Pretty sure some normal, kind hearted, sound individual will sort those fines b4 it goes any further.
    Police Scotland should hang their heads in shame for their actions…new low!!!
    GB should be applauded by all, including those heartless fkwits who handed out those fines for the goodwill they generate by their generosity, kindness and love they have for those who don’t have much to look forward to with Christmas looming..
    #Legends GB

  • James Murphy says:

    That’s why decent common working class people think, sometimes they are worse than
    Than the scummy element who support the Govan side of Glasgow.
    And that’s why they will never be viewed as a neutral and fair law enforcing force in
    This country.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Where were they on two riots in george square ? Will stv sport and bbc sport highlight this ?

  • Justshatered says:

    Today’s actions smack of attempted intimidation by Police Scotland.
    Don’t hold your breath on our Board doing anything here. They are rapidly becoming part of the problem.
    Our Chairman described the Head of security as a really important role. We’ll it can’t be that important as we’re STILL awaiting publication of the security report regarding the crush under the North Stand over two years ago.
    Or does he mean it’s an important role to ensure no kne gets near the Board.

  • Tony B says:

    This could all have been avoided if only those involved in the collection had had the foresight to bedeck themselves in Orange Order regalia.

    BTW. I have voted SNP before but until they do something about these fascists, they can vaffanculo.

    • Stevie says:

      Another unionist statement.
      What has it to do with the SNP FFS.
      Live under Tory because you think it was SNP fault the some unionist police decide to show their true colours.

  • Jason monaghan says:

    Shame on these sub human rats .and all you have to do is look at these sewer rats and you will know why they issued tickets .its was because we were wearing the wrong colours .shame on them and there families. Disgusting rats

  • Jason monaghan says:

    And let me say this i am now 64 years old and I came from a town called montrose Angus and I left that place because my name did not fit with the orange order called the police .some of these cops used to walk into pubs with rangers tops on when they where off duty. I was harassed. Intimidated constantly. as was my 2 sons .and this was all because of a name

  • Ade says:

    Supposedly police Scotland waited at Hampden to issue thousands of parking fines at half time, only at the celtic semi. This needs corroborated though I thought the SLO would be on this already? Then this happens. Seems very targeted. Maybe we’re paranoid?

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    The Board ARE part of the problem. A LARGE PART.
    If Higgins comes he will TRY to eradicate Green Brigade /North Curve and any associated groups .
    Today was his snide style !!

  • Roonsa says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down a wee bit and ask some pertinent questions.

    Did the Green Brigade engage with Celtic or Police Scotland before the match? If not, hell mend them I say. The parking exclusion around Celtic Park (and Ibrox) has been known about and protested against for some time. The GB would have been fully aware of this.

    I am not defending the polis here. I know they are scum. I was attacked outside one of the hun pubs in Bridgeton by Dutch bastards after an Ajax match whilst the pigs were all standing outside the train station a couple of hundred yards away making sure well behaved Celtic fans all queued properly. So I know what their priorities are and it’s not public safety.

    What I am saying is that the GB will have been fully aware of the parking exclusion. If they haven’t spoken to the club or the Polis beforehand then they knew there would be bother. And, knowing the GB, that will suit them just fine. It’s all about them once again.

    • AndyC says:

      The Parking Exclusion zone has been in operation for at least three years now. So why take these actions now? It is clear from the statements from the organisers that the club had approved the collection. As for it always being about “Them” did it escape your attention that the collection was for those in need at Christmas. I think you, and for that matter the Bunnet, have allowed your agenda with the Green Brigade to cloud your objectivity.

  • SSMPM says:

    Child poverty in Scotland is a disgrace so well done GB for your charitable work on this occasion. Maybe they did contravene some parking restrictions but some on this site are missing the point and sounds like you’re supporting how they were treated compared to those orangemen and orangewomen guilty of smashing up Glasgow repeatedly. Crack on and before we know it we’ll have that independent orange Scotland. HH

    • Roonsa says:

      I would like to respond to that.

      I think the Green Brigade deserve credit when they earn it. The Palestine protest and the charitable work they are engaging in at the moment with the Christmas Drive, for example. They are clever guys and they do a lot for the atmosphere at CP (albeit they are a little too controlling in that regard for my liking).

      However, it is clear to me (unless there is something James has forgot to mention in his blog entry) that the GB thought they could just rock up to CP in their vans or whatever and park them where they fancied without consulting the appropriate bodies. i.e. the club and the polis. Neither were aware this was happening by the look of things to me.

      The GB aren’t stupid. They knew there was a parking exclusion. They knew there would be pushback. But they thought it would be good PR to show the polis up for what they are. I don’t have any sympathy with them IF that was the case.

      Nobody on here, I would imagine, would support the actions of the polis on Saturday compared to what happened in George Square during the Summer. The polis are scum – no arguments (as are the cretins who wrecked the city centre, twice). However, you can’t (on the face of it) blame the polis for following orders if nobody was aware that the GB were showing up in transport against well established laws (unpopular and stupid as they may be).

      It sounds like posturing to me. But I am prepared to be corrected on this if anyone has the facts to hand and they contradict what I am saying.

  • James Lawson says:

    Celtic board will only support the fans if it suits the celtic board
    They have shown their contempt for the fan base to often and there’s not a chance they will back the Green brigade for Saturday’s shambolic behaviour from police Scotland. This is why the board want this character

  • SSMPM says:

    Fair comment. The primary goal was charitable, not posturing as happens on occasion too, I agree, and sure they had a crowd but that’s what they needed in order to raise funds, goods, etc. Was their ideal outcome one way or the other or both possibly? I didn’t see or read that they were there for reasons of posturing nor interpret that from the article. It seemed charitable and well intentioned. Its the in-equable treatment from the police that’s an issue for me. I know they’re only following orders on well established laws, its who gives the orders, why on this occasion and not on considerably more troubling behaviour with well established laws. I hope the club stands up for them if its as it appears to me, but I won’t be holding my breath. HH

  • john millar says:

    How long were the vans parked, why were police there, why were parking attendants there at that time?

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