Celtic Haters, We Sense Your Pain And We’re Supping From The Bitter Cup Of It.

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One of the things I enjoy almost as much as the winning is the inevitable bitter wailing of the enemy and tonight I want to highlight the tears being shed in some circles about The Famous Name’s winning goal.

One prominent Sevconut blogger is crying about it on a “neutral” site and Derek McInnes is wailing and whingeing about it to his pals in the press.

Their claim is that our goal should not have stood because of an alleged handball.

Awww. Diddums.

They may well even be right, although I was screaming “PENALTY!” along with most of the people around me before Forrest put the ball in the net.

Their spewing makes me happy.

I am delighted that they are so upset, especially McInnes although special mention has to go to James Black, the Ibrox blogger, who I actually think is one of their more sensible fans. But his rant today on a “neutral” site about how this comes in the week we put pressure on refs is hilarious considering the awful display from the whistler this afternoon.

McInnes’ pain was obvious to all today, and it was glorious.

It must be tough for him to be passed over the job he wanted so desperately that he virtually got into garter and suspenders and advertised himself for the role last week before it became clear that even in their desperate state they were never going to give him as much as an interview.

If you’ll pardon me for putting it like this, it’s like being hit on in a pub, turning the other person down because you don’t fancy them only to crawl back at the end of the night after every other person has rejected you.

That never works out well.

But having failed to get that gig it seems to me that he’s auditioning for something with the media, resorting to that old standby of “slagging Celtic” to get a leg-up in their world. Well, he’s in chronic company.

The press rooms are full of brainless dolts who got ahead because they couldn’t say the name of our club without wanting to spit.

I love to see Peepul like this grit their teeth in frustration and anger after a major Celtic win, and for all that it was a poor match that was a big, big moment in this campaign.

I knew that some people would find it all just too hard to take.

Ex-Ibrox players, notorious Ibrox fans and Ibrox bloggers … as if any of these idiots was capable of giving a balanced perspective.

They are unspooling. The longer this season goes on, the more ridiculous they become. The more Ange’s team edges towards its goals they will snarl and snap at us. Sevco tears are always a delight.

But after reaching a cup final they bring about a special joy.

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  • Nick66 says:

    I’m about to watch midnight sportcene. I saw a handball before Jamsie’s goal. By a blue shirt ed player. Let’s see how they analyse it. In our favour, ignore, in At J’s it will be scrutinized to the nth degree.

  • Nick66 says:

    At j’s = StJ’s

  • Nick66 says:

    League Cup highlights on Sportcene, oops.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I’ve just seen something on TV ,can’t remember but it was Lulu supposedly representing Scotland ,to which she replied “yes we are the people” which of course the presenter looked at her like she was an idiot ,she is a fuckin idiot.fucking Lulu couldn’t sing a fuckin note.but hey she’s a true blue .

    • Jimmy says:

      Seriously Jim, that’s like a follow follow comment..Let’s keep it real and on point. Must be the first mention of Lulu on any Celtic site. Completely agree with the Bunnet. We need a spark in the creative sense. Hope we can get players in January that can take us to another level.

    • john mc guire says:

      that little coo was on the end of a big red book this is your life and at the end of the show they brought on an orange band into the studio for her as its well known she was a punch up the drawers in the orange halls down brigdon way fact .

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