Davie Provan Is At It Again With Another Perverse Anti-Celtic Rant.

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Davie Provan thinks Celtic fans give Ange Postecoglou too easy a ride.

Apparently he has “no problem” with us middle to front, but he thinks the best defence in Scottish football should be better. He is supposedly surprised that we are going to Germany to “have a go” and says that the manager has tipped his hand.

Well, isn’t that something?

Provan is a clueless dolt. It wouldn’t matter what Ange had said at the press conference today, this joker would find fault in it somewhere. And the Germans would know exactly what we’re going to do because this is how the manager plays.

It’s up to them to best us. They are a cracking side, and whilst I feel a little nervous about tomorrow I also know we can score.

“I don’t get him at times,” Provan said, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. He is used to English football’s dour cast of characters, the same faces over and over again. “He’s almost a cult figure amongst the Celtic fans because he was dealt such a poor hand when he came into Glasgow,” he says. Which is bollocks as everyone well knows.

It has nothing to do with Ange being “dealt a poor hand” and everything to do with the way he’s chosen to play that hands. It’s got everything to do with the way the man carries himself, the way he handles clowns like this, the man’s cool persona.

Above all – and here’s where Provan’s real problem comprehending all this is – it’s to do with his style of football.

We know that we’re not going to be the most solid team at the back under this guy; it’s been factored in; it’s been accounted for.

He likes his teams to attack and Celtic fans like attacking football. It’s been so long since Provan actually understood our supporters that this is doubtless a shock to him. Ange is the exact template for what a Celtic manager out to be.

“I think compared to other managers he’s getting an easy ride and that could change very quickly,” this idiot said. And I’d like to know which other managers he’s talking about.

Previous Celtic bosses? Who Provan, by the way, had no time for?

Or other managers in general, in Scottish football?

Who does exactly is he comparing Ange to in this regard?

Jack Ross, maybe? Who, granted has just got to a final but who hadn’t won a game in four or five prior to beating the Ibrox club?

Maybe he means the Aberdeen manager, who not a single newspaper in the West of Scotland has put under an iota of pressure in spite of his having a car-crash start to his tenure.

Or maybe it’s the former Ibrox boss who didn’t get an easy ride as much as he got a free pass.

Just who the Hell is Provan talking about here?

Ange, for the record, was the manager the press was harassing after just a handful of games.

Which other manager had his league position mapped out early in the season?

Third place? Fourth place? Fifth place finishes? Ange had to endure the lot of it.

Which other manager’s opening result in Europe was described as a catastrophe?

Provan really is a witless worm at times, and a period of enforced silence on Celtic would do him good. The day this guy gives out praise to our team and our manager it will be snowing in Hell.

He should try going there for a while, or at least learn to keep quiet.

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