Define Irony; The Scottish Press Telling Our Rivals To Use The SFA Against Celtic Over Tickets.

Image for Define Irony; The Scottish Press Telling Our Rivals To Use The SFA Against Celtic Over Tickets.

You have to laugh at the media at times. This is one of those times.

They have almost no sense of irony at all.

If they did, they would not tonight be advising our rivals to lobby the SFA to come after our club.

The team that plays across Glasgow has spent months waging war against our governing bodies; the idea that they would go wailing to them like little bitches because our club is telling fans that their supporters won’t be allowed in the ground in January is hilarious.

I’ll tell you, I said tonight that I wouldn’t be surprised if our club reversed itself on this, because it lies to our fans now with such regularity that something like this wouldn’t bother them one bit.

But here’s the thing; if they do let their fans into the ground they won’t be able to hide behind the regulations in order to explain it to us.

When the rules on red zones inside the grounds were relaxed, there was a little qualifier which the press appears to have missed in its own pique over this decision.

Clubs weren’t told to scrap red zones; they were told that they were no longer mandatory.

Clubs were told that individual arrangements would be entirely at their own discretion.

A combination of health protocols and other security measures could easily result in our club, quite legitimately, telling Ibrox it’s impossible to arrange. And if we make the decision there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to stop us, including the SPFL and the SFA.

So the media is really urging that they try to hold us to a rule which, under the present circumstances, is entirely redundant. The regulations guaranteeing an away fan allocation are still, at the moment, superseded by the rules in place in Westminster and Holyrood.

So in essence, our media – which doesn’t even pretend to be neutral on this issue and has taken their side of this from Day One – is pissing in the wind.

But I do love how brazen they are about asking the club over there to kiss and make up with the SFA just to overturn any decision that we make, and what makes it especially hilarious is that I can imagine Ibrox doing it.

I can also imagine Hampden attempting to force the issue, and that’s where I think our club is going to have to have more bottle than some of us give it credit for.

This is a minor matter, but it’s a symbolic one and we have to see it through, and anything else makes us look weak.

The SFA has no business trying to enforce this on us, the regulations on it are perfectly plain that if we decide to re-impose red zones or if we think the current arrangements we have in place don’t accommodate a high security event like this then that’s the way of it, and people on the other side of the decision can squeal like pigs, but to no avail.

My gripe is with the press on this, for their helpful “suggestion” to our rivals tonight.

You can tell, by the way, that it’s more than that, because three or four of the titles suggested the same course of action almost simultaneously, which tells me they were all fed the same line at the same time, and the most likely people to have done that work at Ibrox.

So I don’t know whether this is the press acting as Douglas Park’s nodding dog or if it’s something else, but I know that it’s no coincidence that they are all recommending this and blaming Celtic for escalating this matter, which we haven’t in any way done.

All we’ve done is do what we said we would do right at the start of this thing when they cut our 7000 allocation to a mere 700. We will treat them as they treat us, and if they think that’s unfair they can stop playing games and get serious about sorting stuff out.

And anything the media has to say on it should be viewed through the prism of bias, because right from the beginning they took Ibrox’s side and in that, at least, they have been consistent.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    If sfa or spfl or anybody else tries to force Celts hand on this, tell them we’ll comply. When sevco comply with league sponsors Cinch. HH

  • Nick66 says:

    James, there is a ticketing issue this week regarding Sevco. The Police in Bronby have told any away supporters will be denied access to home areas. I have read a few blogs on this and i have a thought. Sevco have sold tickets to two different types of subscribers, and only 1get a ticket. The Sevco SLO is being asked Q’s re this issue. Also one tweet was rather sinister. Suggesting problems arising if access is denied. This Celtic ticket issue is a deflection from the Bronby issue IMHO.
    Perhaps you could have a look Jamesb i think a story is in there.


    Don’t tell me they have sold the same tickets TWICE to Two Seperate groups of travelling fans and are now blaming the Bronby Polis for banning access to the ground meanwhile Klub Skinto pocket the dosh for second group of tickets saying they’ve paid Bronby and there’s nothing the Ibrox Klub can do. Who’d a thunk it.

    • Nick66 says:

      Ya pay yer money, ya take yer choice.
      My Gers gives you a bigger voice,
      On another plan you’ll fail,
      Come to the home end,
      Face the jail.
      As i say Mr Chiftness, funny the Celtic issue makes the back pages and not the Bronby issue. BTW it’s the Sevco’s support that are asking their SLO the Q’s.

  • Barry says:

    As George Orwell said…”Journalism is printing something that someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations”.

    You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to understand which side of the sword these stenographers fall under.

    Keep up the good work


  • SSMPM says:

    I would not treat them as they treat us. Fck the pacifist approach. These new fans of a new sevco, well since 2012, smashed our stadium up with delight when they were allowed in so on that basis alone deserve to be sentenced to no return.
    Then there’s the retaliatory issue of they did it first so when they want to talk we will change it back like a dog on a lead, and what? We follow follow their lead like pathetic little pacifists. I prefer the hanging effigies approach, reminding them on every occasion, they cheated and were liquidated.
    We need to be illuminating our own pathway forward with Celtic supporters being our 1st
    priority. We have season ticket holders and a waiting list, give them all to Celtic fans. HH

  • Tommy McQuillan says:

    Another excellent piece James, those mutants from the southside club brought this upon themselves. Tired of the fact that we were going there and celebrating title victories and thrashing them four and five nil, they petulant spat the dummy out. They deserve nothing from us and that’s what they’ll get. If our board do relent then they need to be removed automatically. Their corporate governance is already questionable and if they start lying to us more than they’ve done already about Res 11(12) and the five way agreement and the survival lie there will be no hiding place for them. God bless mate keep up the good work.

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