Demented Rival Fan Sites Try To Paint Celtic’s Japanese Bhoy As A Cheat.

Image for Demented Rival Fan Sites Try To Paint Celtic’s Japanese Bhoy As A Cheat.

A couple of weeks ago, a dire Scottish hack tried to drum up a phony controversy over Kyogo where he suggested that he might be a dirty player.

I thought it was like a bad joke. But more recently, the view is being pushed that he is a cheat.

Today that has been turned up to nine by the bonkers forums of our rivals, the places where they believe that Brexit was a good idea, Trump a good president and Dave King unfairly maligned and a man of probity and honour.

In other words, the lunatic ward.

They are claiming that he dives. That he feigns injury. That he goes down too easily.

They are also comparing the “easy ride” he gets from the media – and from refs – with the odium poured onto the Colombian ned.

They have got to be joking.

There is no similarity between the two at all. Morelos has been sent off more times than a Danbury Trasher. The number of times he should have been sent off but was the recipient of our “understanding” referees is even higher.

This is when you know these people are howling at the moon; not even the idea that Kyogo is some sort of cheat but this suggestion that there is something suspicious about he and Mad Dog being treated in different ways.

Maybe that’s because there are differences in their behaviour?

Don’t try and debate this people with logic though.

Kyogo really does have them terrified, doesn’t he?

The fear is just bursting out of them when it comes to this guy.

They will cling to anything they can find to disparage him, and now this effort to paint him as some kind of undesirable in the hope that … what?

That it will rub off on the media?

For sure, idiots like Kris Boyd are already all over. He turned his pea-shooter on Jota yesterday and oh how we laughed. He can take his best shot at Kyogo.

Are they hoping it will spark an SFA inquiry?

Ha! Good luck with that.

When it comes back “no case to answer” they can create another conspiracy theory out of it.

These people have a wee planet of their own, don’t they?

When you think you’ve seen every ridiculous thing from them they find a way to surprise you.

Kyogo is the most lethal footballer in this country right now … and they cannot believe that such a phenomenal talent has wound up at Celtic.

And you know what? I think the best of him is still to come.

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  • harold shand says:

    Got them rattled , absolutely rattled

    It’s f*cking brilliant to see

  • John S says:

    All this comes from the perception that he ‘overreacted’ on two occasions when he was slapped on the back of the head. Maybe if fellow professionals weren’t disrespectfully assaulting him ‘off the ball’ the ‘problem’ wouldn’t arise.

    • NorthamptonTim says:

      Like to know what weeman says to his pals back in Japan about football in Scotland
      Probably all ready know that him and his team mate’s get assaulted every game

  • hans says:

    You’re not exactly dealing with the issue James. He’s an unbelievable talent, but he needs to cut out the simulation. Simple as that.

    • Donnybhoy says:

      Hans – 100%
      He had the Dundeed boy sent off unfairly. I pat my dog harder than he was tapped but he collapsed like he’d been poleaxed. Don’t ever want to see that, especially from someone in a Celtic jersey.

  • Bigmick says:

    They really do live in another world. A world where truth is lies, facts are fiction,justice is only served when everything goes their way, and Alex Rae is the stuff of wet dreams.
    I think DEMENTED just about covers it.

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Sevconian That Rare Breed of Inbred Retardedness Proven and Accepted since Liquidation in 2012,They don’t do walking away.Brassing it since Being knocked back for a CVA.Ooops Apologies that was the Deid Club.Chesting Yes yes yes Cheating Indeed.How disgraceful is our game When even the Refs and Officialdom give them a hand to Garner more points.Statistics Don’t Lie.One Rule For Us Another Rule Entirely For Them.Cheats InDeid They are the Poophole

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Kyogo has put the fear into them and when we sign Daezan Maeda in January they’ll be in full panic mood; I mean, it’s not as if they can sign players after last week’s figures!
    In a year from now we’ll have near enough stitched the league up and by Xmas we will have, they’ll need a miracle to catch us.
    I firmly believe that even though folk will say I’m biased. I am biased but I would wager on it.
    After another two windows at that point, IF Ange has his way in both of those windows Celtic will plough through all before them.
    I believe this team has the potential exceed the team that MON that so regularly swept through rankers time and again
    Again many will say I’m nuts, but I’d wager on that outcome too.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Oh he has them scared all right absolutely no doubt about it and I think they are correct to be scared which is a first for them to be right about something HH

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    By sounds of it,They Fear the Green and White Samurai

  • Roonsa says:

    The Livingston incident was a strange one. It’s deep into injury time and Celtic need a goal. The Livingston player definitely contacts with Kyogo but it was hardly enough to send him down to the ground. If it was a Sevco player who did what Kyogo did, we’d be shouting the same thing. But the fact is if he didn’t go down there was a good chance the referee wouldn’t “see it” (especially as the ref was Madden after all who didn’t see a lot in the previous 90 odd minutes). How many times have we heard professional footballs, in punditry roles, say “a clever player goes down there”? i.e. the only way to attract the referee’s attention to the foul is to go down and have the crowd react accordingly. With VAR, that becomes less of an issue. So, once again, I say “bring VAR on”. Celtic have nothing to fear and everything to gain from matches being refereed more fairly.

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