Demented Rival Fans Accuse Ex-Celtic Striker Of Racism And Bigotry.

Image for Demented Rival Fans Accuse Ex-Celtic Striker Of Racism And Bigotry.

Thanks to my mate Paddy Sinat for his latest article on the Chris Sutton fiasco.

Read that piece here if you want an examination of the Ibrox mind-set.

They have accused our former striker of all manner of crazy things from “damaging their brand” to racist and sectarian outbursts against their players. It is a good job this assorted trailer trash aren’t worth suing; some of that is actionable.

This is their mentality.

They refuse to admit that their club is just plain wrong here, that banning Sutton is an act of spite and an act of lunacy.

They need to attempt some faux justification for it, some excuse, some reason that makes it seem like some sort of principled stand instead of what it is; a childish tantrum by moronic owners who can’t take criticism.

There are few ex-Celts in the media who can be trusted to tell it true and not put the boot into our club more than any other. Sutton is a wind-up merchant par excellence, and he’s smarter, by far, than the idiot Kris Boyd with whom he’s often compared.

Celtic would never ban Boyd, although this website and others have urged it time and time again.

We really do – as a club – believe in all this freedom of speech stuff, and I guess I’m proud of us for that. On the few occasions when we have banned people it has been for the telling of outright lies; Sutton has not lied about the club across the road.

He just won’t pander to them like so many other members of the press.

In this he has a lot in common with Michael Stewart, who’s employers at the BBC should have stuck by in the way BT Sport have stuck by Sutton. But the BBC lacks bottle.

Sutton fired back at the Peepul yesterday with an Anyone Everyone tweet … anyone, everyone, as long as you aren’t on the Follow Follow Enemies List, which grows with every day that passes.

If you printed it out I think it would weigh more than the Tokyo Telephone Directory.

They are a club almost solely defined these days by the people they hate.

Which is almost everybody.

But if you’ve got a Celtic connection, oh they especially hate you.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    After Sparta Fuk them rangt Glasgow Taxis will be roaring up tae the Crumbledome shouting Taxi fur Van Wankhurst WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • SSMPM says:

    They are all lying hypocrites. Their racist behaviour and language is allowed by the institutions in Scotland, governed by the SNP and allowed by their foot soldiers, the police. The blame for allowing this is not only with the SFA but the silence is deafening. HH

  • John S says:

    This is discrimination, plain and simple, if one disagrees with their position then expect a ban. Celtic fans should boycott Ibrox (no matter that they already discriminate against all Celtic fans and won’t let them in).

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