Desmond’s Contempt For The Small Celtic Shareholders Was Fully Justified Today.

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He got his show of contempt in early.

The absentee shareholder couldn’t be bothered to attend. It’s been 15 years since he last did, so that wasn’t a great surprise. He sent his son, like some third rate ambassador who sat and took not one single question.

And why should he? The Desmond family don’t believe they are accountable.

Dermot Desmond runs Celtic.

The nodding donkey we call a chairman sits in front of meetings like today and his contempt is written on his face and drips from every word, but he’s the front man for the larger contempt which radiates for us out of Ireland.

There was probably a time when Dermot Desmond brought something to Celtic. That time was a long time ago. He doesn’t spend his own money on the club, his decision making is suspect, there is no strategic vision at all.

And he thinks he’s unaccountable.

Hell, even today he and his son weren’t held accountable.

Two Celtic directors were not automatically re-elected, but Desmond’s sailed through with barely a whimper. Do people just not get the role he played in last season’s fiasco, or do they just consider him untouchable?

This must be the last AGM at which his own confirmation sails through without at least being put to a vote. He was spared a public humiliation, and it’s all the more obvious because two of his fellow directors were not.

It’s a joke that he wasn’t subjected to the same.

He should have been made to understand that his own conduct is unacceptable.

There’s something else though; Desmond’s failure to attend these is more than just a show of his general disregard for the fans.

It also reveals a certain yellow streak.

It’s alright for him when he can dismisses journalist’s questions or even put them on the spot, but I doubt he’s up to facing direct questions from our fans about what his role is and what his plans are.

So it’s gutless as well as contemptuous, and just by virtue of not being in the room he gets an easy ride of it.

But today he got a much easier one that he probably expected.

Elected with virtually no opposition? Instead of asking him to justify his position, our shareholders should be asked to justify theirs.

They gave him a free pass.

No wonder he thinks he can ignore us.

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  • Tony Hand says:


    Sean Fitzpatrick, a 73-year-old banker associated with the economic collapse in 2008 leaving us with a €22 billion bill, died last week. I quote from the Sunday Times (Irish Edition):-
    Dermot Desmond, a billionaire who is tax resident abroad, described him as “a decent and honourable man”.

  • Hans says:

    His contempt was fully evident today. But fully justified? What could justify any level of contempt, on the part of Desmond, for ordinary Celtic supporting men and women?

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Desmond Dermott or whitever this Priks name is (And I kno what it is) is a SMUG ARROGANT BASTARD!! When Mark Daly fae the BBC chased him doon the road & he snapped saying “You must be a Rangers Fan?” I’d have retorted “Naw am no and ur sure as Fuk no a Celtic Fan ya Cunt” Get this Fukin Wanker & the rest ae the Board tae Fuk.. Nae better than the Fukin Kelly’s!!

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