“Football Finance Expert” Talking Out His Backside About Celtic Yet Again.

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Celtic fans have to endure all manner of idiocy from all manner of idiots; that’s the nature of the beast.

The sporting press in this country and all the ex-players and out of work managers know that the surest way to get yourself headlines is to say something negative about our club, and the stupider it is the better, it seems, when it comes to courting attention.

But it’s not just people within the football industry who have twigged to this. One particular individual, Kieran Maguire, has pushed himself into the business as an “expert” on the financial side of the game.

And his speciality is talking the worst sort of garbage about both our club and the one across the city.

It has got him a gig on one of the clickbait blogs.

Maguire is the only “finance expert” who thinks running up countless debts, every year, for a straight decade, is the correct way to run a business. With this kind of clownish logic, it is almost impossible to take him seriously on anything else. This afternoon he weighed in on Celtic’s exit, last night, from the Europa League … and branched out into fantasy fiction.

The exit, he says, has cost us up to £38 million.

Which is a number to make even an exhausted blogger sit up in his seat and take immediate notice. If you’re thinking that’s a figure that sounds as though it was plucked out of thin air you’d be wrong … but you’d also be right.

That figure is as ridiculous as it sounds.

It includes money we could have won but didn’t from the Group games already played – this piece of drivel is based on the assumption that you win six games out of six in the Groups – and it also includes all the money we could have had had we got to the final, and presumably won that into the bargain.

You might as well ask how much we’d have got had we bypassed the Europa altogether and went straight to the final of the Champions League. And the FIFA World Club Championships in a year as well.

Because why not? If we’re playing “here’s what you could have won …” then I see little point in settling for half measures when we can go all the way.

Honest to God, we get enough garbage thrown at us for the stuff that’s actually based in some kind of tangible reality without also eating this kind of crap for stuff that is pure flight of fancy.

Maguire must be desperate for Ibrox-based readers to be coming out with trash like this.

Someone told me the other day that he’s actually a lecturer in finance … Good God.

Does he encourage this kind of mindless speculation and invention amongst his students?

Because you wouldn’t want any of them doing your accounts, would you?

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  • Michael McCartney says:

    James my thoughts about this guy concur with yours. If this guy lectures on financial matters god help his students. Methinks he’s a London wide boy as I read he comes from around the Elephant and Castle who writes this stuff as clickbait for the gullibillies. I keep promising myself not to fall for it myself but to my shame I cannot resist seeing how evermore ridiculous his ramblings can be.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    If u knock £30M aff this figure ur near the mark!! Clearly this Fukin CLOWN lectures in Accounting at Liebrox WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    Can’t see how he got these numbers. If Celtic have lost £38 million then Sevco will make £38 million by qualifying.

    Considering Sevco “Lost” £40 million by failing to make the Champions League, is he really suggesting that the difference is only £2 Million?

    If this was the case I’m sure Sevco would be keeping the great unwashed calm that they don’t need to sell any players in January.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    I think he is the Head accountant at the bigot dome .

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