Hilarity Ensues As Celtic’s Rivals Throw A Bitch-Fit And Leave The Media Red Faced.

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Last night, the club from Ibrox made sure that the media was aware of how pissed off they were over the idea that their fans might not get into Celtic Park.

The Record and other outlets breathlessly wrote this up, making sure that the idea that “football is nothing without fans” was heard loudly and clearly, in an effort to embarrass us if they couldn’t have us sanctioned.

I wrote last night of how the idea that we might be sanctioned was just pissing in the wind; there is nothing the SPFL or the SFA can do about it, if we frame it in the context of red zone regulations and the need for a certain level of security at the game.

But the Record and other outlets were getting ready to start hammering us on this anyway, until this afternoon when the campaign against Celtic was dramatically, and fatally, undercut by the club at Ibrox itself, who threw their latest bitch-fit over Ross County wanting to implement their own red zone measures at the weekend, only to be told that if they insist on that they’ll not be allowed their allocation of away fans at the game.

They were originally getting 900 fans. Ibrox has cancelled those tickets.

Any step, now, to go to the SFA or the SPFL and complain about Celtic will be laughed out of the room.

By their own actions they have beautifully demonstrated the truth of what I wrote last night; the regulations which are currently in place – put there by the Scottish Government – supersede the SFA rules which require away fans to be accommodated at games.

It amazingly how swiftly they have chopped the legs out from under their own campaign against us. What was the point in even wailing to the media last night about the injustice of Celtic depriving them of tickets if they had this in the post already, as they must have?

That club believes it is the only one in the game which should have rights.

They believe they are the only one in the game who should be able to throw their weight around.

Ross County were quite right to insist on enhanced protection for their players … Ibrox’s response is petty and spiteful and nasty and vindictive … but not in the least unexpected.

But it was also stupid and self-harming. The papers, which only last night were highlighting their “case” should be embarrassed by today’s development.

The club used them and then heaped this humiliation on them.

For the rest of us, that is pretty hilarious.

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  • Brian says:

    And to think our club played its part in keeping this nasty second entity alive.

  • Barry says:

    What will be even more hilarious is when the 2012 mob follow in the steps of the 1872 shower and die, but there won’t be another allowance of back door entry. No no no, instead if they want to come back as the the Raijurs, then they must start at the very bottom realms of Scottish football and work their way up. Oh how they’ll long for the over sized hedges of Brechin then…

  • JP says:

    So the clown picks up the custard pie, turns it on himself, and splats it over his own face? He’s not calle? Coco, he’s called Sevco

  • Jonny says:

    they will have a few fans there, one in the middle of the pitch, 2 at either end holding flags and 1 holding up the 7mins injury time board.

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Govan Sevco FC 2012 a Club like No Other.I wouldn’t even let my Dog piss on that Rancid Mob.They Take Embarrassment to a Whole Higher Level of Absurdity.Even the mention of Liquidation and It being literally impossible to Relegate a Dead Club Doesn’t sit well with the Ungrateful Dead.Scottish Football is a Joke with these Clowns Stinking the Association Out with there Masonic Dwellers in positions of Influence.They Hate Us They Fear Us We Are Celtic One Club One Love Since 1888

  • Geoff says:

    Why must we always be the better man in a stand off with Sevco?
    Not sure if I can add anything else.

  • SSMPM says:

    Agreed Geoff. We need to be on own side from now on. No more mollycoddling to that filthy racist club and their mob of haters. HH

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