Keevins Latest Attack On The Celtic Manager Is A Masterpiece Of Ignorant Bile.

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Hugh Keevins, one of the worst broadcast journalists in the history of a country which can boast a fair few of them, has long been known as a bitter, angry little man whose entire reason for living at times seems to be criticising Celtic.

Keevins is the original Uncle Tim, a guy who somewhere along the line developed a strong dislike for our club and our fans.

His entire spiel on Superscoreboard the other day was frankly outrageous, but the part of it which my good friend Paddy Sinat highlighted on Vital Celtic was highly personalised, boorish and hysterical.

The sheer stupidity of it was hard to credit. So was its spiteful tone.

Keevins was looking for any excuse he could get to put the boot in, and he turned on the manager for the decision to start Giakoumakis. The big guy didn’t have a good game, we know that, but Keevins reaction to the selection was dreadful.

Why was it “bad decision making” to rest Kyogo and play the guy we signed from Holland where he was the top scorer last season?

That decision was perfectly understandable. What wasn’t was that we seemed to adapt the playing style to something he wasn’t suited to, but the selection itself is one that almost everyone understood perfectly well before the game.

Why was it “bad decision making” to give Giakoumakis the penalty?

Ange and the captain both talked about this after the game; they based that decision on hard numbers and stats; this is the kind of thing managers and coaches are supposed to do.

This guy isn’t going to be some bit-part player this season, he’s going to play a lot of football for us and he has a good scoring record from the spot and had done well when they were practiced in training.

He is our penalty taker, that’s been decided and it was decided before a ball was kicked at the weekend and Ange isn’t going to change his mind on it and he shouldn’t.

Bad decision making would have been to relieve the player of the duty in the moment, because he wasn’t playing well. But nobody else was either. Keevins seems to think Ange should have started second guessing himself on the basis of 90 minutes.

He’s not the only one. Some idiots on Twitter suggested that McGregor should have actually over-ruled the manager on the pitch and given the ball to Juranovic. I cannot believe some of the absolute drivel I read on social media at times.

This is all the start of the new narrative of course; Giakoumakis is the fresh media whipping boy.

But of course, Keevins main target was the manager, and if you want an example of his bitterness this is what he had to say about the penalty.

“An absolute gift of a penalty to Celtic. It was a penalty, but what a gift to a team who had done nothing to win the match on their own.”

Excuse me? Done nothing to win the match on their own?

Except for the most shots at goal, the most shots on target and 85% possession?

What planet does this clown live on? His dislike of our club really runs deep when he can write garbage like that.

He then finished up by describing it as ““a disastrous day for Ange Postecoglou.”

Which, again, I would seriously take issue with. It’s a set-back.

It’s not a disaster, not by any stretch of the imagination.

I know Keevins is prone to hyperbole but that’s brainless prattle even by his standards.

The team wasn’t good enough on the day and the approach was wrong, but Giakoumakis has hardly played in this team and like Starfelt, who was the last target of the media, he needs games and the style has to be adapted to suit him when he’s the main striker.

But all this will come. Clowns like Keevins will eat every word of their criticism before this campaign ends, and I am betting that our Greek bhoy will net 20 goals.

Keevins is a poisonous cretin.

If we were to highlight his bad afternoons I wouldn’t write anything else for the rest of the week, and that would just cover this season and last.

He is one of the most uninformed people commentating on football anywhere in Europe, and his lack of even the most basic knowledge of the sport and of how it works has been exposed time and time again.

He long since past the point where he’s no longer even embarrassed by it.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Two points here

    1) Keevins is an irrelevance. Anyone who listens to SSB for any other reason than to enjoy the hun beel after one of their defeats needs psychiatric help.

    2) Playing Giakoumakis instead of Kyogo made sense to me. Ange obviously felt Kyogo is better suited to away matches in the SPL when the opposition is more likely to have a go. Without Rogic, it made sense to play the ball out wide, then get it into the box for the big guy to score.

    However. It was evident after 30 minutes that it wasn’t getting us anywhere. Why Ange persevered for so long is anyone’s guess. The 2nd half was worse than the 1st half.

    It was a poor performance but we are allowed those occasionally. We’ll bounce back I am sure.

  • Paul says:

    Bad decision to not start Kyogo
    Juranovic has already told us he is the penalty kick takers she scored all his in training whilst others missed at least one
    I suspect Ange thought allowing bio to Take pen would boost his confidence. Instead he has destroyed it.another bad decision
    However it may not be Ange making these decisions as he still has Strahan et al there so obviously he has no power at the club

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Dont be fooled he knows what he is doing.if nobody phones in snyde then he is out of a job. Its been years now since i tuned in .

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Hey James you shouldn’t have mentioned Europe, he’ll now have intentions to ensure he does become thee best(worst) in Europe; he now has a challenge; to rise above the rest of the bottom of the barrel and prove beyond doubt that: yes indeed, he is the most deluded, bitter and twisted fitba commentator in All of Europe. (He’ll skate it)
    FQ him and all his fellow non-sports journo practitioners, they’re already dead standing on their feet.

  • Gordon ashley ayr says:

    He has said exactly the same thing every time sevco has dropped points tbf.. hes no anti celtic hes just a drama queen

  • harold shand says:

    The same guy that said on the very same radio show , that racism didn’t exist 40 years ago

    Then spent the next 10 minutes trying to argue that he was right

  • Geoff says:

    The guy is a joke.
    Made a career on telling lies and making up stories supposedly from sources close to,etc etc.
    Actually fed him a pile of crap one night after a big euro tie and about a week later he quoted my exact figures as facts!!
    I called in to basically spill the beans and strangely wasn’t selected that night.
    Don’t even listen to Clyde sport anymore.
    He is a very bitter anti Celtic man.

  • Paul Dolan says:

    Hugh keveens shut that big mouth of his what does he know about he does’nt even talk a good game why is this idoit on radio he never slags othet managers hugh retire and talk ur dribble to ur 2 someone else.

  • Charles says:

    These pundits have to be seen to be saying something different from every other pundit but some have no shame. Making up things to suit there narrative. As long as Keevins keeps skating celtic he knows he has a job. It’s time for the old man to retire

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Spew the Auld Speccy Bastard lol! All that wee wank prattles on about is he puts his predictions out there but the caller has the benefit of hindsight! He knows Fuk Aw & regularly gets SCUDDED on Beat the Pundit! Basically just a Senile Auld Cunt dribbling soup doon his Cardie lol!!

  • Robert Downey says:

    Keevins has had an axe to grind with Celtic for some decades now, he is well past his sell by date and can only justify his employment by sticking the knife into anything Celtic related as his paymasters demand. I neither want to know the reason for his hatred of all things Celtic nor do I care, I don’t listen to anything he says and do not read anything he writes, as far as I’m concerned he is a sad,bitter excuse of a hack.

  • CHRIS says:

    Keevins is a joke who tries to be a shock jock on radio as he doesn’t know the first thing about football.
    Have to disagree about GG James, the guy is out of his depth.
    If he continues to play then we will have to rely on goals from others in the team.
    A panic signing, i expect to see him out on loan next season as i’d be surprised if we could get a fee for him.
    In order to have a chance of winning the league we must bring in another forward in January as Ajeti is down the pecking order and Kyogo can’t do it on his own.

  • Chris McDougall says:

    He’s a spiteful, hateful, wee prick of a man. Ned Flanders must hate being called Hugh Keevins over in Springfield……

  • SSMPM says:

    Unless he had an injury worry then I just don’t get why you wouldn’t pick Kyogo. I heard Ange’s explanation but na no doubt we should have started him. It was not just twitter, on this blog too, that people were saying Big G shouldn’t have taken the pen. We don’t all agree with each on issues on this blog either but that’s opinions for ya. Another couple of wins and we’ll be back saying the league’s ours. HH

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