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No, Ange’s Lifeline To Our Forgotten Players Doesn’t Change Celtic’s January Plans.

Image for No, Ange’s Lifeline To Our Forgotten Players Doesn’t Change Celtic’s January Plans.

Today I’ve seen one of those weird theories which some of our fans love so much attempt to pop up.

Ange’s comments yesterday about leaving the door open for Ajeti and Barkas and Bolingoli and others has been interpreted, in some circles, as a concern that he will not get the backing in January which he expects.

It’s being interpreted as the start of the let-down.

But I don’t believe that this is the case.

Ange has made his plans and those plans are underway.

I think he’s probably got cast iron guarantees that he’ll get what he wants.

He’s leaving the door open to these guys out of simply pragmatism; what if they don’t leave? What if the squad is stuck with them? We can’t and won’t just write these guys off.

They have contracts that we have to honour. If we can’t ship them out they will be around the training ground and the first team squad for a while to come. The worst thing the manager could possibly do was tell them they have no future.

We have a settled camp right now.

He is simply trying to keep it that way, and he is to be applauded for his efforts. In fact, he is to be saluted for them because this is another example of his brilliant knack for man management. That’s all this is.

I’ve spent much of the week lashing the board, but this isn’t Ange suddenly changing his tune because they’ve told him he’s not getting as much to spend as he wants to.

This is just the big guy being a good leader.

The club will back him, of that I have no doubt.

Let’s face it, fans are angry enough.

If they let this guy down I really do believe that all Hell would be paid. They dare not. They will not.

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  • James says:

    I honestly hope the board do back Ange and give what he needs.
    My concern is that our board… by their lack of action last term…May have one eye on mordor.
    There’s been a lot of speculation that the board wanted the mordor club to survive, and hence ALLOWED the shambles of last season.
    If that is true, then what about this season…because the orc clubs need is GREATER now than last season….FACT.

    For them to admit the financial problems over there and for investors, including board members to now insist on financial repayment instead of the share confetti , tells how bad this situation is.

    I hope the theories are wrong, but if our board start letting the manager down it shows there’s some truth in those theories.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Some folk cannae interpret what’s right in front them, I drew the same conclusions as yourself James, why rock the boat as these players are contracted? Ange excels in man management. I suppose it’s within them to change but that negativity is also in them, they need to learn to see it from more angles and differing points of view.


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