No Celtic Fans Cares What Alex Rae’s Opinion On Us Is.

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Everyone has opinions. Opinions are what being a pundit is all about, and most Celtic fans can respect the opinions of those pundits who are erudite and intelligent. There are a handful of them.

For the rest, we respect those people who give their views honestly and unbiasedly.

Even when we disagree with them, we can appreciate their point of view.

Because we know that it is given fairly and without prejudice.

We know that it is given if not with good intentions then certainly without negative ones.

The same cannot be said about opinions which originate from the professional Celtic haters, of whom Alex Rae is a major one.

That’s what this guy is.

Let’s be clear; they can call themselves whatever they want, but people like this are not “pundits” or “journalists” or anything else that falls within that rubric. They are trolls.

He, Boyd and a handful of others exist in the media for a twin purpose; to promote the causes of Ibrox and to denigrate Celtic as much as they can, and any opinion they express should be viewed in that light.

Rae’s latest attack on the manager and his style of play isn’t markedly different from some of the criticisms which have been offered on Celtic sites, except in that the tone of it is spiteful and the intent is unfriendly.

That’s the issue, that’s the central truth of it.

All this guy is doing is poking holes.

He would invent them if they didn’t exist because he never has a good thing to say about our club.

He has never given one iota of scrutiny to events at Ibrox, and has spent the last few weeks promoting the false narrative that everything over there is okay. So of course he criticises the Celtic manager, the Celtic squad and our approach.

His comments are junk.

Not because they make no sense or that we would disagree with every word, but because his views are not wanted, his “opinions” are laced with malice and bias and therefore cannot be trusted, or respected, and should not be debated any further than we could throw Derek Johnstone.

The professional Celtic haters have nothing to say that we want to hear.

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  • Stevie says:

    I go by the rule if any pundit had a EBT in previous employment I ignore.
    I know lots of pundits to ignore.

  • Allthingsceltic says:

    Is there a picture of Alex Rae out there that doesn’t make you wanting to punch him in the face??.

    Bitter little racist thieving cheat. Suffered wee man syndrome all his life and believes he’s an oracle of all things football, although he’s won hee haw in the game…without cheating or thieving.

    • Kyogos Dream Team says:

      Fukin UGLY BITTER WEE HUN BASTARD!! Cunt canny string a Coherent sentence thegether, overloaded & transitions his Fav patter lol! Talks a lot a SHITE which go hand in hand wae his Ugly Moniker WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Something we have be very aware of for long time, are the “skulls” dripping venom for anything Celtic. A bitter and twisted wee man.

  • Bill Boyd says:

    He didnt criticse Kyogo for diving for the penalty on Thursday. Absolute weapon.

  • Seppington says:

    “Transgers” – brilliant. They can change their name and self-identify as Rangers but there’s no escaping the fact they weren’t born that way and though they make look like it…they’re re not and never will be the real thing.

  • Seppington says:

    The changes only cost us because he replaced quality with keech in Johnston and Ajeti. A few purchases in January should reduce that drop in quality and the system will continue to work. Keep the faith.

  • Seppington says:

    Same ss always. For the Leverkusen game it was a hun (forget whom), Kenny “played fur theyum tae so he counts as balanced” Miller, and Mark Wilson. Full on negativity at the end from Miller and his knuckle-scraping chum, but at least Wilson said he thinks we’re good enough to win the league. I don’t think the scumbags were happy about that…
    The BBC are a disgrace, it will never ever change. Even if Scotland regains her independence the all-new SBC will still be run by the same shower of bitter hun scumbags…

  • Roonsa says:

    He makes Derek Johnstone look like a 5* quality pundit. If he or Boyd come on the telly it either gets switched off or turned over.

  • john mc guire says:

    that little fud only played 36 games for the scum from the other side the clyde the only thing he is good at is turning up at sash-bash and given it big licks for the klan and other hun fuds .

  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    The man makes me physically sick. He looks like his last job was collecting wellies at Chernobyl.
    I can only compare his TV appearances to Dr Who in the 70s when we shielded out innocent eyes with a cushion or dived behind the couch.

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