Only Lennon Is Shocked That No-One’s Come Calling After His Celtic Collapse.

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Neil Lennon has branched out into standup comedy.

Well, that would be one way to explain his latest idiotic remarks, his latest outbreak of self-pity, his latest wailing to the press.

In his latest rant, so lacking in self-awareness that it is mind-boggling, and which demonstrates a grasp on reality which is shaky as best, he went moaned about why the phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook with offers.

I remember Ally McCoist moaning in much the same way when he was exited from Ibrox.

Lennon has won more trophies, for sure, but he’s also detonated more than one club. For him not to understand why chairmen aren’t battering down his door … it’s delusional.

Earlier in the year, in the aftermath of a prior self-pitying rant, I wrote that Lennon’s problem is that he refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for what happened at Celtic and that it is this, as much as the nature of the collapse itself, which makes it incredibly hard to imagine him in the dugout at a reasonable sized club in the foreseeable future.

There would need to be a sea-change in his attitude for that to happen, and he would need to admit that he made mistakes, big ones. He shows no signs of doing either.

To be frank, he sounds pathetic and way too wrapped up in his own ego to take the necessary reality check.

As I said at the time, one of the standard questions you are asked if you’re going for a high-profile interview is “what mistakes did you make in your last job?” The follow-on is “what have you learned from them?”

Lennon would never get to the follow-on.

If you were interviewing that guy and he said that he was simply the victim of bad luck and of a freakish confluence of circumstances which were none of his fault you would thank him and send him home.

His defence of his performances at Bolton and Hibs are astonishing.

At Bolton he sparked an actual player revolt. His sacking was celebrated by many inside and outside the club.

With the manner of his exit at Hibs he almost trashed his reputation beyond all hope of repair. I am pretty sure that all those in football who knew the story considered his career all but over.

Perversely, this did not include the Celtic board, who instead gave him the enormous responsibility for delivering ten in a row. The decision gets worse the more you examine it and the more you look at his behaviour since.

Lennon would have enough of an uphill battle if all he was doing was sitting quietly waiting for the offers to come, but in a very real way his entire public persona has become an advertisement for how unsuitable he would be for any top flight role.

He is, in a very real sense, auditioning for his next job right now, every single time he’s in front of a microphone or a camera.

No wonder the offers haven’t come. I wouldn’t hire this snarling fool who refuses to acknowledge his own limitations if I was running a junior team. I’ve had enough of his self-serving bollocks.

He left our club like a disaster area.

Standards plummeted under him.

We didn’t even make Hampden last season, that’s how bad we were.

Others played their role, and that’s a fact, but I long since got tired of his egotism and his lack of remorse.

I’ll never forgive him either for the part he played or his behaviour since.

I know others feel as if they want to, and I understand that, but even for them I am certain that the road back to any sort of rehabilitation gets harder every time he opens his mouth.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    I’m afraid wee Neil’s too fond ae the auld Mick Jagger tae be considered fur any decent role! Stick tae Punditry m8, McMoists made a career oot ae Talking SHITE LOL!

  • Damian says:

    I’m not even sure how good he’d be on Question of Sport.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    You are ridiculing the man and he deserves better.

    As regards Bolton there is another side to the story. See

    See also

    It’s interesting reading the comments – not by any means unanimous judgement of Lennon’s tenure:

    “It’s been a hard slog for Neil Lennon. He came in when Bolton were bottom of the Championship and steadied the ship that season.

    However, the financial turmoil meant having to let go of experienced starters and replacing them with the cheapest possible alternatives. He had to think outside the box and pick up players nobody else wanted like Ameobi, Heskey and Madine. He couldn’t even afford to keep Ameobi and had loan deals cancelled as the club couldn’t guarantee wages.

    The club has been saved from extinction and I think a fresh start will do both parties some good. The new board can select their own man and prepare for League 1 and Lennon can find a job with less baggage.”

    “He actually did pretty well. As someone who watches Bolton week in week out I can tell you that their performance picked up when Lennon came in, then he had to sell arguably his best senior player (Lee Chung Yong), lost Zac Clough, Max Clayton and Darren Pratley to injury, then lost Adam Le Fondre at the end of the season, those are some blows for a manger to take at an already struggling club.

    Personally I think his team selections have been poor recently, Woollery constantly on the bench when he should be starting etc, but man he has had a bum deal.”

    I think if you were to walk in NL’s shoes you might feel a bit more sympathetic.

    • James Forrest says:

      Yeah pay me £600,000 plus for failure. I’ll happily walk in those shoes.

      And you know what? Bolton and Hibs, I couldn’t care about the mess he left those clubs in.

      I care about the mess he left mine in, and what a mess it was. Even if he’d been a runaway success elsewhere, he took us backwards. At a rapid rate. The improvement since Ange came in has been so astonishing, in part, because of the base line he had to work from. Lennon’s tenure at Celtic was an utter disaster, no matter how much he deludes himself.

  • M says:

    Spot on James, the glaring problem is that he stubbornly hung on to the managers post for so long after it was obvious the team were struggling.
    If he had put his hands up earlier and just admitted it was not working he could have retained some respect.
    His pig headed attitude and refusal to leave or negotiate a departure is what will give other clubs concern when considering him for that position.

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