Our Sneering Rivals Have Failed To Understand That Celtic Fans Care For This Club.

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If you are surfing the forums and the social media feeds of our rivals tonight you will have noticed that amidst the delusions of grandeur and their kidding themselves on that the Gerrard departure has been other than a disaster for them, there is a kind of giddy glee over the way the Celtic AGM went this afternoon.

Nothing shows these idiots up more than that.

Today was a triumph for the Celtic shareholders and for the wider Celtic support.

In times to come it will be considered a triumph for the whole club.

Because we have done what their supporters have failed to do countless times; we have held our club to account. We have asked the questions that needed to be asked.

Celtic fans make big demands on our club. We push it to be better. We have high standards which we want to see the directors maintain.

We do not hero worship.

We are not “loyal subjects”; save that for the eejits who think its great to have a photograph of “Her Majesty” in the dressing room.

The kind of people who do that are the sort who until last week had cardboard cut-outs of Steven Gerrard in their own homes.

The stupidity of these clowns never ceases to amaze me.

Celtic fans would never have allowed the parade of charlatans and assorted loon-balls who have trotted through Ibrox these past 10 or so years to camp out at Parkhead and leech the life out of the place.

We would never have allowed our club to die, because first and foremost we’d not have allowed some wide-boy like Whyte to get his hands on it on the back of a naff press release about his being a “Motherwell born billionaire.”

It was Celtic fans who did the research on him.

It was our fans who told theirs first not to believe a word that came out of his mouth.

We told them the same about Green after he grabbed up the assets and packaged them into the Newco they follow now.

And all it took for that individual to win them over was a few lines about how the game cheated them and how it was bigotry that forced them to start at the bottom. Even as he was saying it, he was boasting about his “big Yorkshire hands grabbing money.”

Only the truly moronic could have failed to realise whose money that would be.

Tens of thousands of them queued up to hand it over.

The bloggers and podcasters were with Whyte all the way and then they were with Green all the way.

They cheered as Mike Ashley bought shares and told us all how he wanted a “Champions League advertising board” and that Ibrox was it.


They must have missed every bit of available evidence from Newcastle which ran counter to that daft idea. In the end they only twigged what he was really about when the court cases over the merchandise deal got underway.

But we told them from the first.

These pliable fools believe everything they are told, except if it comes from “nasty fenians.”

Everything they hear.

They have been lied to and used and conned again and again and again and again but it’s that supplicant mentality, that idea that they are “subjects” first, that truly blinds them.

Their strings are being pulled from a hundred different directions and they still think they have a say.

But you don’t have a say if you’ve willingly handed over responsibility to others.

The problem with them is that they live to be cheerleaders. We don’t.

Celtic fans fight for their club, even if that means fighting against its leadership at times. Because we understand that the institution matters more than those in charge of it.

We understand that these people work for us, not the other way around.

Celtic’s AGM today was absolutely brilliant.

Yes, I thought we could have rejected Desmond’s election and we could have made stuff harder for the people in charge, and it’s only the start of a campaign to remove folk from office, but I’m damned proud of us.

And yes there were questions about football governance.

But we care about the wider game, and our place in it.

We realise that there are strategic considerations and a need for alliances and pressure to make good changes, but then we aren’t insular and arrogant and self-regarding any more than we are subservient and stupid.

Refereeing is a concern.

Financial fair play is a concern.

Having a director who spread lies and disinformation about a matter of enormous significance to a wider understanding of sport in this country is a concern and we treated it like one.

They missed all of this.

They saw only an argument but never cared that the underlying reason for the showdown today was that we hold people to account, and this board failed, and they actually do get that this board failed, because earlier this year they were gleefully talking about how Dave King got his “house of cards” prediction right because we seemed to be falling apart.

Of course, this site said that, too, was a classic case of them grossly misunderstanding events, because we are too big to collapse like a house of cards. Their previous club wasn’t but Celtic is built on more solid foundations than that.

Our problems are not structural. Theirs are fundamentally structural.

Ours are about bad leadership and bad strategy, and today we tried to do something about that.

They would have turned up, clapped like performing seals waiting for fish and then told themselves that it was “staunch” whilst their board laughed behind their backs.

Look at the backlash towards the chairman’s disgraceful display today.

Look at the anger over the contempt Desmond showed by not turning up.

Do you think any of these people are laughing at us tonight? They would be fools if they were.

The fools across the city … well what more is there to say?

They don’t recognise what we did this afternoon because they’ve never done the same and they never will.

There is something lacking in them, something that gets taken out the minute you subscribe to all that bowing and scraping to the Greco-German hereditary class of inbreeds that inhabits those palaces up and down the land.

Or “our betters” as they call them.

Ha! And to think every July they dress up like it’s Halloween to celebrate their “freedom from Rome” apparently not realising they traded one dictatorship for another just so that a king could get his end away.

I blame the schools, I really do.

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  • Paul mcgee says:

    Absolutely spot on!

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Nail hit right on the head, very enjoyable, thanks James 😉

  • Roonsa says:

    The AGM today will not have bothered the board one bit in my estimation. We have a majority shareholder who genuinely does not care. All that happened today, correct me if I am wrong, is that some people shouted loudly when the re-election of Bankier and that weasel Wilson was raised by means of Resolutions 5/6. There were more people that didn’t shout so what’s the big deal? They had a vote on the way out, move on.

    Dominic McKay was not discussed. At all.

    Replacing Neil Lennon and the saga that turned into was not discussed. At all.

    Weasel Wilson apologised for saying Rangers were “demoted”. Wow.

    A question was asked about the Old Firm trademark. Why?

    The only way the board are going to listen to Celtic fans and how pissed off we are is if we don’t turn up. And how likely is that?

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