Roger Mitchell Has Another Pop At Celtic Fans As He Continues To Lose The Plot.

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Tonight my friend at Vital Celtic, Paddy Sinat, has published a piece about Roger Mitchell, the former CEO of the SPL, who has had another incontinent rant about Celtic and our fans.

Describing, in the headline, Mitchell’s comments as “moonhowling nonsense”, the piece is about a tweet he sent out at the weekend.

I would have spotted this sooner, but after his last idiotic ramblings, in the aftermath of the Ferencvaros game, I told him it was an example of what I had previously highlighted – his tendency to say whatever crap popped into his head without thinking – and he blocked me.

Such is the way that this successful businessman, with his knowledge of the media and football handles criticism.

Like a pygmy. Like a small man who just can’t take it.

Mitchell’s comments after Ferencvaros were frankly ridiculous and he deserved every word that was directed at him by myself and the wider Celtic support. His comments at the weekend were even stupider, even more crass, and ridiculous.

Look at that would you. A divided club. Why? Because some fans threw tennis balls onto the pitch? As I’ve pointed out, in some of the ways that matter Celtic is more unified than it has been in a while, at least in terms of guys getting behind the team.

Do we have arguments with the board? Absolutely. Would we like to see major changes? Yes we would. But all of us will still defend this club against unprovoked attacks and this kind of nonsensical commentary. Because that’s what it is; nonsensical.

A blow to our international brand? For opposing imperialism? For refusing to get behind a toxic ceremony, which one part of this country tries to force feed the other? Outside of this horrible little island standing up against the bonkers militarism and British exceptionalism with which this whole thing has become interlaced actually increases our prestige.

Outside of this country the only people who care are those who salute Celtic for being one of the few clubs which refuses to wear that symbol on the shirt.

As to being obsessed with one thing, – “beating them” -, there are plenty of Celtic fans who will say that in fact our club hasn’t done enough to beat them. I personally want to see them beat like the proverbial rented mule and our board hasn’t done nearly enough to keep them in their place, which is under our boot. Most Celtic fans would agree.

And what exactly is wrong with “saying they died”?

They did die.

Is he denying that? Is he now punting the Survival Lie, like a Celtic director writing an obit? Perhaps he missed the furore over that. Perhaps he missed that our club is all over the place on this issue but that the fans are pretty much standing united on the side of the facts. Of the truth.

As to be against more things than you are for, I’m for one thing; Celtic. I’m against one thing; anything that stands in the way of Celtic.

It’s really that simple.

It’s really that straightforward and all he’s doing with this kind of rambling, incontinent tripe is making himself sound like an idiot.

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  • Paul Grierson says:

    Nothing wrong with not wearing a poppy, but booing a minutes silence is not only daft, but absolutely childish and shameful. That section of the fans is an absolute embarrassment

    • Donnybhoy says:

      Irrespective of what you think about Poppy Porn, booing during a minute’s silence is a PR own-goal. Following it up with a delay to the match by throwing stuff on the field of play simply underlines the lame thinking behind these two protests. Jeeziz, if you want to protest, do it in a way which persuades onlookers of the veracity of your campaign. Don’t do it in a way which looks infantile and anti-social and alienates onlooking neutrals.

  • Paul Grierson says:

    Nothing wrong with not wearing a poppy, but booing a minutes silence? If this was the Scum you’d be tearing them a new one, but when our own fans act just as daft you basically call them freedom fighters standing up to an empire that no longer exists. Kind of double standards if you ask me

  • Johnny says:

    Wee man syndrome hahahahaha.HH

  • Daniel Lyttle says:

    It’s a disgrace that Celtic players don’t wear the poppy, and I include players of all nationalities in that. As for this nonsense about it being a symbol of Imperialism? It’s only that if people like you let it be – I certainly don’t agree on allowing it to be claimed by the type of muppets you refer to, but the stance you take is just as much to blame if it is. Disrupting that minutes silence was a shame on our club, the poppy is about Remembrance nothing more. Germany’s government gassed millions, we bombed Dresden…Japan killed thousands in forced death marches, the Allies vapourized Hiroshima and Nagasaki…the poppy and the respect for the dead is for ALL of those people, because that’s what decent level headed people who don’t have an agenda think.

  • John S says:

    If a political comment is made before a football match surely a political reaction from the paying customer is as equally viable ?

  • Bill Kirk says:


  • SSMPM says:

    Great point Solas. Would they commemorate those Irish people’s stolen lives, stolen by the British, or would they celebrate them. British soldiers driving an armoured vehicle into an Irish football stadium and opening up on anyone and everyone in sight is unforgivable. Hypocrites, filthy lying jingoistic hypocrites.
    Why should victims and families of them mourn the loss of their murderers and what a cheek to try to force them too by people who can’t show empathy for their loss. I will do bow my head in silence for the victims of WW1 but not for right wing white nationalists.
    I get and support the issue of wasted lives that WW1 and the establishment sacrificed by the thousands protecting, and in many cases forced too, the wealth of the upper classes of this schizophrenic country.
    That’s not what poppy day has now been highjacked to represent. That’s the issue and I can’t support that. If some of you are unable to see that perspective then that’s just a shame. HH

  • Bill says:

    The clubs relationship with The Green Brigade will not end well.
    They weaken our brand, cost my club money in fines and penalties and from my own admittedly small sample of fans, are not generally liked. The hope is that they will grow up and mature but I’m not holding my breath. At some point the club will need to reduce their influence.

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