Sneering Halfwits Surround This Celtic Team, Oblivious To The Progress We’ve Made.

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This has been a hell of a week for the sneering halfwits who flock around Celtic like vultures.

Oh they have had a nice couple of days.

They were in hiding at the start of the week after their favourite team was turfed out of the League Cup in truly humiliating fashion.

Now they are crowing like roosters because they qualified out of a pitifully weak Europa League group whilst we slugged it out with teams from two of the top five in Europe and have come up short.

Yet it is Celtic who will contest the first cup final of the season.

It is Celtic who are heading for January in confidence and with money to spend.

We sewed up European football after Christmas before they did; indeed, in spite of the atrocious lack of quality in their group they might have gone out of Europe altogether had Sparta not made awful mistakes against them.

Celtic has improved in steady, but obvious, ways since the season kicked off. Even the enormously disappointing late defeat in midweek does not hide the fact that we punched above our weight in the game and ran them close, after they had comprehensively beaten us at Celtic Park. The performance between the first game and the second is night and day.

I am astounded that they can be so delusional to think that they will still be laughing when this campaign ends.

They are already out of one domestic cup competition. We were a missed penalty away from being right on their shoulder, and they are about to enter their toughest period of the domestic campaign.

Their behaviour pays no heed to that.

So we have McCoist cracking wise. We have Boyd sniggering like a schoolboy on Sky and making the Scottish department – employing, I believe, Andrew Dickson who we’re used to seeing behaving like an idiot online – looks foolish if we’re being generous.

Others are spouting off nonsense about how we’ve underachieved … as if a living soul believed we’d get out of this group.

The truth is, Europe is a bonus and nothing more for us this season.

It was gratifying to see us play so well in Germany and in Spain before that, and I am pleased we took care of the Hungarians home and away to give us a chance of finishing with nine points.

The Ibrox club has qualified already on seven, in one of the poorest groups in the competition and they have France to go to next; if they lose and we win we’ll have had a vastly better group stage but not made it.

But those are the breaks in football sometimes, and we can handle that.

The real work is the work to be done domestically, and having got to the League Cup Final we’re clearly well on course. Nobody is talking about third or fourth place finishes any longer, and they should be mortified for ever seriously talking about it in the first place.

Tomorrow, against Aberdeen, we can send these people a message and hope something at Livingston goes our way, although Martindale is a dyed in the wool Ibrox fan and I am not counting on it one bit.

I’ll be surprised to say the least if they do us a favour.

Hibs face the Ibrox club in midweek and should be buzzing after Sunday, but they lost in midweek.

But the moment we’ve been waiting for will come around, and when it does we have to be ready for it and I’m certain we will be.

We just need to keep on doing what we do and we will shut these people up in a way that will keep them silent for a whole summer.

This article initially said Hibs had lost twice in a week; as several people pointed out they actually won today. This is what happens when I write when I’m cruising on coffee and lack of sleep! I am forever grateful to my readers for pointing this stuff out to me. Thanks guys.

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  • Johnny Green says:

    James, Hibs won 2-1 today.

  • Nick66 says:

    The Hibs win today, as Johnny G says, was this the shot in the arm that could get them going again. One off games in Cup contests are always a danger. Anyway we are as you say progressing, starting to show the parts of our team coming together. Ange, I think, wated to do I t his way, attacking type players first. Then work on the defensive side later. It is to my mind looking so much better than the early days and she he gets it right we’re going to be a great team. Much to like, much to frustrate, but much to please.

  • Dixie D says:

    It’s also worth pointing out that Hibs had two of their best players red carded late against Ross County making them ineligible to face rangers. The second red card was in injury time and for something which was allegedly said to the ref, but denied by the player. This is exactly the type of thing which occurred when the Italian match fixing scandal was uncovered!

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