The Daily Record Is Once Again Predicting That Celtic’s Title Challenge Is Dead.

Image for The Daily Record Is Once Again Predicting That Celtic’s Title Challenge Is Dead.

The Daily Record, not embarrassed yet by calling the title race over in August, September and October is calling it over now we’ve reached November, with yet another piece suggesting that we’ve blown it.

The piece actually accepts that Ange Postecoglou was essentially correct to slam previous predictions as embarrassing before they make the latest one.

Stating that the side at the top of the league at the end of November has won the title 16 times out of the last 20, they appear to be saying that with only two league games left to play this month due to cup ties and international games that this almost assures that it will be the Ibrox club sitting at the top of the table when December kicks in … and therefore no matter how small the gap might be that the race is essentially over.

This is so stupid as to make your head swim.

“Postecoglou right refuses to accept anything is won or lost in the first few months of the Scottish Premiership,” Gavin Berry writes, as if ‘how dare the Celtic manager not accept the nonsensical narrative we are trying to push.’

(And you’ll notice the typo in there; I am not changing a word, merely reporting it as written. Let them do their own damned editing. I don’t work for them.)

He continues, “But there comes a time when that mantra is no longer valid and history shows November IS a crucial month when it comes to who is ultimately crowned champions in May.”

Which is sheer poppycock when you consider that the greatest likelihood, when you view the fixtures, is that the position at the end of the month will be close to what it is now, with a mere four point gap between the clubs.

I know that the educational requirements usually needed for a job in the media don’t apply as stringently at The Record but this kind of failure to grasp objective fact – that there will be twenty-four games left to play – is hard to credit.

The league race will certainly not be decided in November, if it ever has been, and The Record’s attempt to “prove” that it sometimes is has all the logic of calling a US Presidential race based on what happens in the tiny New Hampshire town of Hart’s Location, just because it has “predicted” the winner five times out of the last seven.

The Record’s writing team is desperately clutching at any straw they can find to justify their own fantasy, which is of a general collapse at Celtic Park.

Their club has won a single game convincingly this season, and there are people getting carried away.

There are miles to go here, and we’re going to be in it right to the end.

In fact, by the time the end comes the only question in my mind is at which point we overtake them.

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  • Paul says:

    Ange needs to get his own team in first before we make any conclusions
    This club and team is still run by the board
    Ange needs to grow a pair and put down a marker now.
    Once he has his own back room staff and players then we can assess our chances.
    It seems the board is telling Ange what to do and so far he has accepted it
    We need a decisive manager who will stand up to this board like Rodgers
    If Ange doesn’t t get his own staff he should threaten to walk away.
    This is the reason why Rodgers left and the reason why Howe didn’t come.
    I hope Ange is not another weak willed Ronnie Delia but it seems to be heading that way

  • harold shand says:

    This Berry guy was writing articles on how once they took care of Malmo what they were going to do with the CL money

    LOL he’s a hun whopper

  • Mark B says:

    Of course the race is not over. But we are in a very poor position. We probably cannot afford to lose perhaps even not afford to not win when we face our biggest rivals at New Year. A team we have failed to beat on eight attempts. So no it’s not over of course not but dropping five points to Livi and continually losing games to our biggest rivals puts us in a very tough spot.

  • SSMPM says:

    Fantasy football in support of a lie and a fantasy club. Grief’s a terrible thing, it can make you believe in the dead. HH

    • Peter Cassidy says:

      Ange should know by now his coaching team not up to it and I hope he gets his own team in ASAP if not I can’t see how the players can be coached by these failures from last seasons shambles. also we could also have a clear out of some of the boardroom relics that would be a great start but losing 5 points to livvy just not champions material and the bigots are such a average team just shows you spl not that good at present just being honest.

  • Peter Campbell says:

    So the Record is saying that November is a crucial month and goes on to make a stupid prediction in the very first day of November? Wouldn’t they be better waiting until the end?

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