The Loutish Behaviour Of Ibrox’s Fans Must Not Be Allowed To Creep Into Celtic’s.

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At the weekend, the media highlighted scenes in the city centre when a Celtic fan group – and let’s not bullshit, because that’s what it was – clashed with the patrons of a city centre bar.

Now, what I saw in that footage was two groups of thugs fighting.

It was not exactly as one-sided as the media and the Ibrox fan forums wanted to make out.

Still, it was shocking and scandalous, and especially seeing Celtic fans behave in such an outrageous and appalling manner. It was not the only example of Bhoys Behaving Badly at the weekend.

Close to where I was sitting at Hampden, a small group of utter morons stood for the whole match and simply refused to sit down, although they had an unrestricted view.

The entreaties of their fellow supporters made not one blind bit of difference to them; indeed, they seemed pretty pleased to have wound people up.

One particular goon amongst the gathering spent more of his time shouting at people behind him and trying to get everyone else to stand and sing songs than he did watching the game. I cannot even comprehend that kind of thinking.

These people are trash in any support, and I am increasingly frustrated by their presence amongst ours.

People like that inspire an odd thought; I look at them and think “I don’t want your team to win.”

If it was other than my own team, I would mean it.

I don’t want those people to derive any pleasure from a day like Saturday because they go out of their way to spoil it for everyone else.

This isn’t a new thing, but it’s steadily becoming a more common thing, and that’s where good ordinary supporters have to draw the line. We don’t want this stuff in our fan-base.

The average Celtic fan certainly has nothing whatsoever in common with the thugs who fought in the city centre. Black clad, with their faces covered up?

Do these people think they are paramilitaries engaged in a war?

In their own minds maybe; nobody I know wants any part in whatever conflict it is they think they are fighting.

All this IRA stuff has gone to their heads.

It isn’t heroic, it is moronic.

They aren’t doing it for any sort of cause or any kind of belief system; it is psychopathic. We recognise the MO from George Square and Manchester and Pamplona and all the other places where the Peepul went on the rampage.

Yes, their behaviour is, to put not too fine a point on it, hun-like.

When a prominent Ibrox fan group dressed and acted like that, with their “fenian stomping” banner I called them what they are; absolute scum, dredged up from the gutter. The choice of colour alone is suspect.

Whatever they think they are doing, they are not representing Celtic with this boot-boy behaviour, and they should cease thinking otherwise.

Indeed, it’s my considered opinion that they are harming the causes the true Celtic fans care about.

It is behaviour like this which makes the hiring of someone like Higgins all the more likely.

If this sort of thing ingrains itself in our ranks someone has to stamp it out, and he’s the sort of person you would hire to do that job. These people are stupid not to see it.

Celtic fans cannot be silent on this stuff. Leave that to the denialists at Ibrox, who won’t confront problems until they grow to gargantuan proportions.

For 24 hours they pounded every Celtic fan with a social media handle with footage of the incident in town.

By the following night, there was near total silence from them as chatter about other incidents emerged, incidents which don’t paint their own fans in such a good light.

Nothing is better than seeing these people “hoist with (their) own petard.”

On Sunday, at Hampden, Hibs players were greeted by a volley of missiles from the Ibrox supporters, a story which has had only limited coverage in the media which put the city centre scenes from the day before on the front pages.

There was a high visibility battle on the motorway involving their supporters on the way to the game. Again, that’s had very little by way of blanket headlines, although it is clearly the more shocking of the three incidents when you think of what it involved.

On top of that, Sparta Prague players are claiming to have had “disgusting threats” made against them and are treating this week’s game as a major risk … not surprising when you can see the way the media and their fan groups have magnified this into a grudge match.

I suspect there will be some truly appalling scenes in Glasgow this week involving their fans.

In the meantime, our supporters are over in Germany where they will continue to enhance our sterling reputation abroad and remind people that foreign police aren’t all that different to our own except in that they actually enforce the law.

These are the true ambassadors for Celtic, the true front line soldiers who represent us with honour and passion and bring credit to our name.

The idiots who would rampage in a city centre, who disregard their own fellow fans and who seem to revel in some kind of bad boy image are halfwits deserving of nothing but scorn.

Their kind cannot – and must not – define our support for the rest of the world.

Because the plain fact is that they don’t.

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  • Charles says:

    They people are not Celtic fans . They might wear the Celtic colours but not fans. Thugs they are and will be thugs forever

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Have you considered it might not be “ hun like” but actual hun ?
    Wouldn’t be difficult to dress in black cover your face and cause chaos deliberately to drag another club to your own level?
    I mean, they know they are never gonna eradicate it from their own support so let’s drag the other lot into it.
    Might seem a bit fantastic but certainly plausible.

    • Kyogos Dream Team says:

      Fukin wee Diks that COULDNY fight sleep EXCEPT in a crowd! If they’re that FUKIN BRAVE then they shdve been there at 2 on the Sun not Sat! Fae What I’ve heard they threw chairs then ran away lol! HONESTLY FUKIN PATHETIC & FUK AW TAE DAE WAE SUPPORTING ANY TEAM!!

    • AllaboutCeltic says:

      Maybe it was Jackass Jackson and his cronies from the Daily Raijurs to manufacture a story against Celtic…Forget an attacking midfielder, we should sign Poirot in January???

  • james archibald says:

    yes totally agree at hampden it was non stop IRA stuff all through the game. i think its if they’re going to do it then we’ll do it too tit for tat they know they’ll get away with it as the media is too scared to say anything against them but they will slaughter celtic fans at the 1st chance.

  • P*S says:

    I totally agree ….and for one of the comments on here to say it’s possibly fans of another club is farcical and sticking your head in the sand.
    I’ve had real problems in Celtic park with really small pockets of fans in the past causing unrest. It’s unacceptable , ship them out but on the flip side Higgins cannot be welcomed at Celtic park under any circumstances.

  • john downes says:

    Well said

  • AllaboutCeltic says:

    Very well put James. I like many other Celtic (and other) fans take a lot of fun out of the Neanderthals and knuckle draggers make a laughing stock of themselves with their draconian and barbaric behaviour that shows the world for what they are. However, I curl with embarrassment when I read stories of folk who cower behind their masks and believe the eh are fighting for a Celtic cause. Celtic supporters are famed globally for their good natured and party attitudes. It becomes more difficult to take the moral high ground when these delinquents behave like they do wearing the colours of our great club. They have no place in paradise and should be called out by our own to protect our own reputation and standards, because if this is allowed to fester, it won’t be long until the rozzers from other lands get wind of this, we’ll soon find the normal welcoming of smiles and open arms to water cannons and police armed and ready apply their force like they do to the hordes across the city when they travel.

    Identify and ban the lot of them.

  • Bill says:

    Won’t be popular I know but as long as the club indulge the Green Brigade in their childish behaviour and their faux revolutionary mindset we encourage them and run the risk of being blamed for the anti social antics of a minority.
    The time to disavow them is long past. As I’ve said before, it will not end well.

  • Dannybhoy says:

    Thank you James, it’s about time someone stood up and called these thugs out.

  • Gerry says:

    Well said! HH!

  • 25th of May 1967 says:

    Get these clowns out of our support. Effin’ half-wits that are as thick as pig shit in a bottle…

  • Michael mochan says:

    Every true fan has to agree 100o/o we as fans have to organise some how to eradicate these so called fans , the huge silent majority of fans have had enough of the political agenda these so called fans have !!
    Let’s get back to supporting our team ,and our heritage in a way we can all enjoy HH???

  • Frank Connelly says:

    James I don’t know were you were sitting but the whole of the middle of the North Stand remained standing throughout the game. Given the amount of drink being consumed you dare not challenge there behaviour

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