The Record Scorns “Hateful” Prague Remarks But Celtic Fans Have Long Memories.

Image for The Record Scorns “Hateful” Prague Remarks But Celtic Fans Have Long Memories.

When the team from Prague rolls into Glasgow this week for their game against our crumbling neighbours, one of their player has said he expects a “hateful” atmosphere.

The Record has hammered him for those comments claiming that they are “tone deaf.”

Wow. That is one of the most hypocritical things I’ve ever read from that paper, and that is saying a lot. Celtic fans have longer memories than the average hack at that rag seems to think, because I remember their paper pumping out some pretty horrible stuff over the years.

Do you remember one headline pre-Ibrox where they asked whether Hector the Taxman or Neil Lennon was the most hated person there?

Celtic made an official complaint over that one.

This is the paper that bangs the Old Firm drum constantly. They market it as one of the best derbies in the world. But they are selling hate, which is one of the reasons – apart from one of the historical participants no longer existing – why the bulk of our support wants nothing to do with the toxic idea. Who wants to be part of a rivalry built on poison?

When it comes to the ticket fiasco, the Record is in the lead wanting Celtic to “take the moral high-ground” and hand over some to fans who will come to our ground and pollute the air there with a rash of sectarian songs and racist anthems.

All in the name of “the unique atmosphere.”

The whole build-up around fixtures between ourselves and the Ibrox clubs has long been fuelled by talk of vendettas and feuds and who can’t stand who and words like payback and revenge are thrown around as if we were talking about a mafia movie.

The Prague player has reached for the best word in his vocabulary and found it. And he is correct in the word he has chosen. Just what does the Record think the atmosphere will be like there on Thursday if not hateful?

Hateful is the response our fans get every time we go to that ground.

It was the reception their fans gave Hibs supporters yesterday, which inspired that blathering idiot Stephen Craigan to praise the atmosphere on Premier Sports and to suggest it was better than that from the Celtic game the day before.

Definitely more to his tastes, for sure.

Our media stokes the hate. It stirs the soup every chance it gets. This snowflake reaction because a foreigner has correctly identified the driving force of Ibrox would be funny if this thing wasn’t so serious.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Aye ye fair blootered that nail.

    I have a blue friend texting back and forth yesterday before and during the match panicking coz he said there’s gonna be lots of goals; worse(in his opinion) those goals are NOT gonnae be for thegers. I had to try at least and calm him down, but he was bang on the money, so far.
    He then texted me back @h/t saying Hibs will win on through with penalties. At 16/1 I stuck a couple of quid on it; alas it didn’t happen. The best team won, end of.
    Get yir money on the treble Bhoys;) HH

    • Bigmick says:

      They were forced by law to give up some of their songbook, but nothing and nobody can stop them thinking it…hatred is their oxygen, the fuel in their tank.
      They’re the Kray Twins of the football community and the press play the part of Violet Kray…an enabler if not an accomplice.. (oh my boys, my perfect little angels)
      Eventually she realised that she had helped create the monster, and it killed her in the end. The same ending is in store for our very own ‘Violet’ press.

  • SSMPM says:

    Simples. Don’t let them back into Paradise again and don’t buy that trash loyalist paper. Joy of joys we might see two liquidations in one year and a treble. HH

  • John S says:

    ‘Hate’ is the default position of the home support at Ibrox.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Is it not time Celtic distanced themselves from the Record a a few other anti Celtic media sources, they are no friends of ours never have been.
    What about charging them something outrageous 3or 4 times what Sevco asked and call there Bluff.

  • SSMPM says:

    Yeeeesssss Joseph, trouble is the many pacifist Celtic fans still think its an old firm paper and old firm game. Kick em out. HH

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