The Son Of The King Would Be A Great Signing For Celtic, But The Timing Feels Wrong.

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What a wonderful rumour tonight; we are linked with Jordan Larsson.

A year ago, if someone had said the words “Jordan Larsson” to me I wouldn’t have needed sold on the idea. I’d have whooped with joy and then danced around the room. The boy is obviously talented. The name rings out. He belongs in the Hoops.

But for everything there is a season, and for this particular bit of business I wonder if the season hasn’t passed. As a straight-up replacement for Edouard you’d have loved it, but this team has evolved past that. Frankly, I wonder if the boy from Japan can’t be had cheaper, and with Ange having given that the seal of approval I think it’s a better bet.

This is simply about priorities. Ange has his ideas about this team and whilst we have our own the objective here is what is best for the club. As good as it would be to see the name Larsson on the back of a Celtic shirt again, is that worth breaking the bank for?

We’ve seen what can be had for relatively modest fees when the manager knows what he’s looking for, and so whilst I wouldn’t exactly cry in my coffee at seeing the most famous name of all once again adorn the back of Hooped jersey, I’d wonder what else we could have had for the money.

Because although reports tonight suggest Spartak Moscow wouldn’t be looking for the sort of fee they once were, I wonder if it’s still too rich for our blood.

Who wouldn’t be in favour of it? I just feel like this one has arrived a little late in the day, when other plans are already in motion and other priorities are being considered.

Would he fit Ange’s style? We don’t know, but we know that the other players the boss has targeted do, and so that’s where the future is.

It’s fun to speculate on this stuff and there is no doubt that Jordan Larsson is a fantastic talent with a great eye for goal. There’s also little doubt that the comparisons with his dad would either make or break him as a footballer, and they will never be greater than they would be at Paradise. But we already have a striker in Kyogo who reminds us a lot of the King of Kings already … and that’s another wrinkle, another difficulty, another thing standing in the way.

It is not a bad idea; the signing of a Larsson could never be a bad idea. It’s just that maybe the priorities are different than they were and the timing isn’t right for it. If we’re going to spend that kind of money in the window I think most of us would rather it was spent on tying down Jota, Carter Vickers and on those areas of the team where extra spending is required.

And so as nice as this one might be, I just don’t see it coming off.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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  • Seppington says:

    Nope. Good as he may be he will never live up to his father (how many truly do? Certainly not Hagi at the midden!). When someone mentions Larsson it brings a big smile to our faces, let’s not risk tarnishing that thought.
    Maybe in a decade when we’ve seen how his career has gone he can come home but right now he’d be putting up with constant comparisons with his pop from us lot and most especially the smsm hacks who would do all they could to unsettle the boy.

  • Roonsa says:

    The never go back rule that applied to Larsson Snr when his name was mentioned in connection with the manager’s job should also apply to his offspring. The small minded media over here would have a field day with him every time he had a bad game. Just naw.

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