Ibrox Talks Of A United Front, And Their Gullible Fans Fall Into Line Behind The Lie.

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I have lost count of the number of times last season we heard of how united the Celtic squad was and how they were all behind the manager and how there was no rift behind the scenes and how everyone was pulling together and blah, blah, blah.

Last night they beat one of the worst teams in this year’s Europa League courtesy of two defensive disasters were outrageous in their slapstick quality. They are kidding themselves if they think that makes them world beaters.

They are trying to kid their own supporters by pretending that everything over there is suddenly rosy and right. They are still in one Hell of a state, and it was summed up neatly by Morelos shushing his own fans after scoring the first goal.

Putting a loyal member of the tribe in front of the press last night after the game to boast about how good things were behind the scenes was a ruse that wouldn’t have fooled the greenest reporter fresh out of journalism school.

It does seem to have worked on much of our media and it has certainly got the Ibrox fan-base celebrating.

But those wounds can’t be healed by one win.

A united front scam can work on one big night, with their European futures up for grabs.

Put these guys into domestic action and all the drudgery of a trip to Livingston at the weekend and see how quickly all the big talk drains away and leaves them looking a hollow shell of a team again.

Even if they get through this weekend, the rot will soon set in.

Once a dressing room is broken it can’t be fixed. Only broken up and the disparate parts sent on their way.

Once the hunger goes out of a team beating a side of whipping boys like Prague – and shame on us that such a limited side beat us last year, twice – isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference to the overall trajectory.

The wounds that were there before Sunday are still there tonight. The fractures that had opened into fissures can be stuffed full of newspaper and painted over, but those walls are not safe to stand next to or to prop something up on.

They may have fooled their daft fans for a day or two, but those sorts of problems can’t be wished out of existence.

There’s a bad time coming their way.

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  • Michael Vaslot says:

    Are they really that gullible

  • Charles says:

    We all knew this was going to be there rhetoric today. No amount of words can hide that they are a shote football team. I’m hearing about how much money they are going to get in the Europa League but never about how much debt they have

  • Dora says:

    Love that pic of the halfwit, hillbilly support.
    They really need some colour amongst that most popular support…any colour, even some white coats would suffice..

  • SSMPM says:

    It seems to me that their loyalist fans are more united and behind their club than ours. Our club continues with division between the fans, the shareholders, the board and a failure to stand up for ourselves against a media driven hate campaign. You call it sneering but they are laughing at us, our divisions and our weakness at every opportunity and we just take it. HH

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