Scottish Tabloid Spin Fails To Disguise The Ugly Reality Of Sevco On Their Travels.

Image for Scottish Tabloid Spin Fails To Disguise The Ugly Reality Of Sevco On Their Travels.

The Scottish press is doing everything it can to blame the shocking scenes tonight in Copenhagen on the police. Of course they are. The Daily Record has even found the ubiquitous “disabled fan” caught in the middle of it. How often they play that same card.

Is it the same fan, do you think, or should their disabled supporters be warned before they travel; “If there is trouble you are likely to be truncheoned for no reason at all, so set off at your own risk.”

It’s amazing how often this happens to them in Europe.

Millions of holiday makers travel to the continent every year and seldom do you hear of them caught up in such mayhem. More importantly, football fans across the sport travel to cities in every country year on year; they aren’t routinely caught up in scenes of violence. More to the point, our fans – who have visited the same city in the recent past – don’t seem to.

Why don’t these other supporters inspire such hatred from the local constabulary?

What is it with them that police in every nation seem to regard them as a dangerous threat to the public order? I’ll tell you, I looked at that video footage and far from seeing unprovoked assaults I saw fat scum in blue jerseys attacking police and being repelled. I saw a line of baton wielding, shielded officers being taunted by neds.

Tell me this and be honest; if you were caught in the middle of that, and innocent, would you stand there provoking the guys in the riot gear, or would you head in the other direction as fast as you can? There is nothing in those videos to suggest that the police reacted aggressively for no reason; there is plenty that hints at provocation or worse.

All the headlines tonight are from “eye witnesses” who claim that the police charged in for nothing and started batoning people minding their own business. Police do not dress up in riot gear for no reason at all. Only the most rabid forces attack perfect strangers who aren’t breaking the law. The rest react to what unfolds in front of them.

They react to what unfolds in front of them.

I accentuate that point – I repeat that point – very clearly as it needs to be said.

I have my own suspicion as to why this so frequently happens on their travels; you look at the way they are treated here in Scotland, how far they are allowed to go before the actual enforcing of the law element of our unique policing kicks in and they believe they are entitled to do as they please and that the threat of consequences is somehow abstract.

But it’s not abstract on the continent, where people don’t give a shit how special the Peepul think they are, and over in foreign lands they get policed accordingly. And that’s what has happened tonight in Denmark, where they took a point to stay third in their group.

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  • Barry says:

    I lived and work all over Denmark for a period of time and it’s a fantastic country with great people who are very welcoming. However, I know how to behave in a civilised society, so maybe that’s for something to do with it.

    They’re absolute scum and they have a reputation for being scum and causing trouble wherever they go, hence the reason why the rozzers in these far off lands are always ready for them.

    Police Scotland should take note and learn how to deal with them instead of marching down the street having a singalong with the Neanderthals.

    Always racist, never gracious…

  • Dora says:

    If only one could bet on sevco skum support causing trouble on their travels, we’d be billionaires by now!
    If sevco riot and destroy everything around them after winning the pointless COVID league well, it’s a gimme their going to shame their club, even further (if that’s even possiblle) b4 a ball is kicked when abroad….what a klub!!
    Permanent stain on Scottish society fking hillbilly Klowns!

  • Bigmick says:

    The reason why they get away with shit here is simple…these same thugs are the ones who will answer the call when Independence rallies need breaking up, or ethnic minority marches need threatening.
    General Strike anyone?

  • Pan says:

    Funny how the Celtic support can go anywhere in Europe and be welcomed with open arms, but this lot are reviled. The videos show clearly that the Danish police were being threatened. The Scottish Establishment are to blame, as well as the Scottish police as they publicly give them support to behave as they want. They are never punished as a club or as a group. All of Scottish football suffers as a result and Europeans build a perception of Scotland based on what they see. This is the real side of Scotland. The racist, anti-Catholic and anti-truth Scotland. Shameful Scotland. A country that remains rooted in the 17th Century.

  • SSMPM says:

    Different club, same scum

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Different Joabi But certainly the same Flies.Govan Sevco FC 2012 A KKKlub like No Other.Only Mob in World Football to be Liquidated and Pretend they’re Same Kkklub

  • Gerard Dorrian says:

    After Celtic played PSG several years back I remember Tony Ralston standing toe to toe with Neymar
    I alway said since then was a player in there. If he gets a chance
    So glad he has been given that chance

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