Sevco Fans Prove Once Again That They Are Scotland’s Dumbest Supporters.

Image for Sevco Fans Prove Once Again That They Are Scotland’s Dumbest Supporters.

Ibrox fans are being urged to seek refunds from Bronby, the club who they played on Thursday, after many of their supporters went, ticketless, to Copenhagen … and bought tickets for the wrong game.

In a classic example of “I Blame The Schools” they purchased tickets for Bronby vs Randers, one of the Danish club’s domestic football rivals.

I’m not making this up! You couldn’t make this up. These are the thickest supporters in football.

Only they could make a mistake like this.

A report in Football Scotland says that the Danish side has actually offered these cretins their money back … but I think that actually lets them off, and results in a missed opportunity.

The burned hand teaches best, and if these clowns had been told that it was just their hard lines they might actually learn something.

In the meantime, the fallout continues, with the Scottish press refusing to acknowledge that it takes two sides to have a fight. The focus of the media here is on the poor innocent victims in the Sevco support who were allegedly the targets of yet more over the top policing.

Funny that this always happens to them. Other Scottish clubs don’t get this.

Bronby at least, as a club, has accepted that it has a bad element amongst its supporters and is vowing to do something about it.

The Ibrox travelling support will never reform because no-one ever makes a serious effort to make them confront their nasty element, and that gives that nasty element free reign to do as they please.

Not only are they “a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace”- to use the words Ian Archer used about them in the context of their former club – but they are now giving the Scottish education system a bad name by implying that we come from a national of illiterates who can’t even read the name of their own football team on a match ticket.

Dear God.

And to think some folk worry that this lot will end up running an independent Scotland …

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  • James Burns says:

    Ha ha, after independence ‘this lot’ will head south to be nearer their Queen or King Chic.
    They are britnats after all. Those that remain will join up with Tory boy Ross, unless he of course goes down south with the others brits. No use bringing their yoonyin jack’s, Tory England now flies the St.George’s Cross, as do their footie fans.
    Poor sods feel as if they are an endangered species, good.

  • SSMPM says:

    The ‘Traitors of Scotland’ would get the wrong bus unless they check the spelling on their fat bellied england tattoos. Probably though they’d go to the the north of Ireland, home of racial bigotry, only to find they too are about to join the Republic.

  • Gary J says:

    Brondby ffs

  • Joe Hanley says:

    Where do you get the idea this lot will aspire to run an independent Scotland. These donkeys are only interested in staying in their precious union flying their union jacks. These people will have no place in a modern, honest country which will be fair and welcoming to all who want to live here. Im so surprised at the number of Celtic supporters who would vote against the SNP and vote for these unionist, bigoted barstuards.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    As thick as shit ,Sevco the single braincell Hatebreed.

  • SSMPM says:

    Really fella is that from the same SNP government in charge for years and in charge of the masonic police that allows them to smash up Scotland and parade the streets with their white nationalists anti Catholic agenda with mere tokenistic arrests.
    Cop this I’m going GREEN

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