The Media Embarrasses Itself Again With Ridiculous Kane-Mbappe-Sakala Comparison.

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Last night, FootballScotland, the ridiculous website which belongs to the Record’s media group, put up one of its truly ridiculous headlines. Are you ready for this? “Fashion Sakala ranked alongside Harry Kane and Kylian Mpabbe as Rangers striker recognised for international form.”

Holy Hell. If you are reading that and wondering who in their right mind would have ranked him in that high level category of talent, then look no further at The Daily Record’s version of the same story; their headline offers the explanation.

“Fashion Sakala earns Rangers and Zambia recognition as FIFA 22 rank hitman alongside Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe”

Yes, that’s right, this relates to FIFA 22 granting him one of their “In Form” Ultimate Team cards, something the game does with regularity based on current form.

Sakala got his for his goals against the footballing empire of Mauritania.

As the Record goes on to reveal – the whole article is utterly preposterous – FIFA 22 issued no fewer than 23 of these for the last week, so alongside Mbappe and Kane he is also there alongside a dozen or so players you’ll never have heard of.

He is the sixth lowest ranked player on the list. For what that’s worth. Which is exactly nothing at all.

I know the press wants to re-invent this guy as a superstar for scoring a hat-trick against a hapless ten man team at Ibrox recently but honestly, if they think that the guy getting a FUT card for the week is a news story then it’s no wonder nobody reads these trashy sites which have to put out 200 stories a day just to get hits.

It’s truly desperate.

Just mentioning this guy in the same breath as Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe is absurd.

If the lowest ranking blog turned out a story like this I would be embarrassed for them and everyone writing for them.

This came from a national title.

That is a joke.

Who is still reading these sites?

Who except people like me who do it because it’s part of the job?

Because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t go near this garbage.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Huns read that site, gullible huns and they’ll believe it. If Celtic fans believe that yesterday’s AGM will make a positive difference for Celtic FC then we’d be gullible too. HH

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