Are The Ibrox Board Lying To Jackson … Or To Their “Official Media Partners”?

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Remember how earlier in the week I suggested that the Ibrox operation had declared war on Keith Jackson?

Well, since I posted that article he’s had two more “exclusives” about the managerial hunt and both of them have been roundly slagged by “in the know” bloggers over there and “official club partners” who asked the club directly and were told he’s full of it.

The humiliation continues to mount up.

Today his latest exclusive is a suggestion from Ibrox that they aren’t rushing the appointment because to stage a presser this week would be a mark of direspect to Walter Smith.

That sounds so much like a fit-up I can’t imagine it being anything else and I’m only surprised that the backlash wasn’t instant.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be.

Is it possible that the club is struggling to make this deal and is actually hiding behind that?

I mean even for them, that would be low.

Regardless, Jackson has now suffered several different humiliations which have come in quick succession … unless this is something else, something this was suggested to me the other day.

Maybe it’s the “official club partners” who are being lied to.

Maybe Jackson’s information is good and this whole thing is a mess with them not expecting any announcement until they know what they can offer Van Bronckhorst and what he would likely accept.

I know this; there is no way in Hell that they want to be going into this game at the weekend with all this uncertainty over them. They would want the new man in the stands at the very least.

Whatever the truth, Jackson has become a good punching bag for the fans as this has dragged on. If it turns out that he’s totally wrong the humiliation will be complete.

Of course, if it turns out that it’s the “official media partners” who have been strung along then that’s a story in and of itself, especially the bit about how a reporter at the hated Record got the truth whilst they were lied to, in spite of paying £25,000 for the privilege.

You notice that Celtic fan groups had a session with the manager earlier in the week?

I can affirm that the club didn’t charge us a penny.

Makes you wonder whether their “official media partners” think they got value for money, doesn’t it?

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  • Justshatered says:

    I think you forgot the obvious one: he’s simply making up absolute rubbish.
    I mean, if wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that.
    He’s a charlatan of a journalist.

  • George says:

    Where are the bloggers/official media partners getting £25k? they seem wealthier than sevco.

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