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Ibrox New Boss Arrives Knowing His January Transfer Budget Is Zero.

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The newly appointed Sevco boss has been told exactly what he has to spend in the January window. Excited fans are likely to be slightly less so, perhaps even less than the man himself would have been when he was told.

Of course, his budget is zero. Talk about an offer you can’t refuse!

The word is that he will have to sell before he can buy, which is hilarious because it confirms our own suspicions and shows how gullible some of the Ibrox fan-base is when they were speculating about who he might want to sign from the Dutch league.

All that lunatic talk will pipe down the minute he sits at his first presser and says that he understands the reality of his situation.

Reality. A concept most of their supporters are woefully unfamiliar with.

But he has at least been told what to expect and having signed the deal he cannot say later that he has come in without a clear picture of what he inherits.

One of the things the board over there likes about him is that he didn’t have much money to spend at Feynoord and made a profit on player trading; the Ibrox fans are in for the shock of their lives if they think he’s being brought to their club to flash the chequebook.

Still, that he is willing to be the first manager there since their club crawled out of the primordial ooze of Rangers liquidation who is going to be working to an austerity budget shows how desperate he is to get back into management.

That this deal has been done this evening also confirms that Keith Jackson has been strung along by his Ibrox sources like a short-con victim gulled into handing his wallet over, without even taking the bank card out of it.

I suspected that he was going to end this week with more egg on his face than a trainee chef with a broken blender and here we are.

For a day or two this will be all you read in the press, and what a great coup and blah blah blah.

We’ll see what he’s got soon enough.

He inherits a club which is in more turmoil than ours, much of it under the surface, much of it obvious to all who stand close enough.

They went for a former much loved player.

They went for what they know and who was available, and most critically who was available free.

Who does it remind you of? The parallels are obvious, but the difference is that Lennon took over a settled side and only then did the cracks start to appear. There are already cracks at Ibrox, and Gerrard’s departure widened them.

But the media will cover this like it’s the Second Coming and Ibrox fans will try to convince you that they’ve got an even better manager here than Gerrard.

All of that remains to be seen.

As long as we keep on doing what we’re doing this is going to be our season.

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  • John says:

    GVB will also not need to be indoctrinated in the ( poppy, 55 titles, old firm rubbish) as he will be well clued up in the Bigotry.

  • Marcus Doherty says:

    You were inferring a number of times that the delay and empty seat on the private jet meant he was very much a doubtful appointment. It’s ok to be rationally minded even if not all your readers are because it was clear GVB was their man from the get go. As a Celtic STH, I welcome it and look forward to the competition because as a football fan, it’s intriguing stuff. So my point it, maybe focus more on that because we already know about the financial situation and the challenges he’ll face etc, but every manager in the league has problems.

  • Dora says:

    What surprises me most re sevco footy klub is that the funny money trees have dried up, regardless how hard the dodgy Fkwits rattle them..!!
    If I were unfortunate enough to support that rotten klub I’d b rather concerned and it would lead to many sleepless nights and dry dreams..
    Times like this you remind oneself, ‘ Thank fk I’m a Tim ‘..!!

  • Bigmick says:

    Celtic FC have made an official announcement on their website:

    “In light of the arrival of GVB across the River Clyde, it is with great sadness that we have come to accept that our original
    plan of trying to regain the SPFL title, is now an exercise in futility.
    Our current manager, Mr Postecoglu hasn’t yet stopped trembling and sobbing, and our entire playing staff have set a new record by signing a communal transfer request.
    Spokesman for the players, Captain Callum McGregor added the following footnote to the transfer request: “wits the point , wur aw fucked noo”

    CELTIC. F. C

  • vincent McSherry says:

    Gordon Dalziel (Motherwell Fan??!!)says there will b money to spend in Jan !! Where from i ask!

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