A Big, Big Night For Celtic Which Shakes The Confidence Of Our Enemies.

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Wait a second … let me catch my breath ….

OMFG YESSS!!!!!!!!!!

I had to get that out of the way first … now, let’s begin.

Mark my words, in another part of town they were celebrating an early Xmas present tonight before their proverbial Santa got stuck up the proverbial chimney.

Before the games had kicked off tonight I know they were telling themselves that this was the night we might slip up.

When we took the early lead you’d have heard the grumbles of disquiet.

“This mob are determined to hang on.”

And then we conceded, then lost a player to a red card (more on that later, you better believe it) and the game went deep into overtime.

Their own game was done. I presume they won it.

I know they were winning because the “Ross County fan” on the stream kept telling us they were. Doubtless they were in fine mood.

And then it all went shatteringly wrong. Because this team just won’t quit.

There is something about winning in adversity which is wonderful. Winning in adversity seven minutes into time added on is probably one of the sweetest feelings there is.

Knowing the impact that result will have not just on Celtic but on other clubs … that is even better still.

The best of all possible worlds you might say.

That is a big, big night for us, for this team, for this title race, for this manager and for us as the fans. We earned a night like this for believing in this side, for keeping on believing even when the press and others were telling us that we were mad to do so.

I am delighted for the boss and for everyone in his charge tonight.

I am delighted for Starfelt, the victim of one of the most ridiculous sending offs I’ve ever witnessed and one that Celtic absolutely must not take lying down.

I am delighted for Abada, our first scorer and massively thrilled for Ralston who got that glorious last ditch winner.

I am delighted for Moffat who ends his first competitive game as a winner.

I am thrilled for the fans who were at the game and for all of us who watched it at home.

I am especially pleased that one over-excited hack at a toxic rag of a paper posted his piece much too early …

That could have ended differently.

This side could have chucked it and taken the draw.

But there is a belief in this team and a will to win which is propelling us on even amidst this injury crisis.

Mark my words friends, when we look back at the end of the season this will be the regarded as the night which turned it. If feels like a big, big result and a massive three points.

This feels like a game-changer. A turning point.

Not just three points but something that shakes the firmament.

This team wants this title.

This team will fight to the last breath.

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  • Frank pearson says:

    Well said James Starfelt sending off was a disgrace guy only complained about shocking elbow in face, proved by blood pouring out his nose Muir should think shame on himself for first booking anybody would complain about that thug attack.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    “Crags” was gutted. Which is good enough for me and Robert mcghee. HH

  • Jim Tinney says:

    James, get real. We will not be allowed to win this title. They need the money, clear their debt, our Board will complain about refereeing standards, VAR will be introduced and everyone will agree no use raking over old coals and leveling playing field from 22/23.

  • John says:

    Don’t know about shaking their confidence, it certainly shook mine

  • Geoff says:

    Same team on Sunday and we lose

    • Roonsa says:

      Pish. I just saw the highlights of the Hibs v Dundee match and Hibs were absolute gash. If we play like we played tonight and Hibs do the same, we win. 100%.

  • Roonsa says:

    Profligacy in front of goal almost cost us again. I know we are 3 strikers down. However we had many opportunities to kill the game off and again we didn’t do it. I previously thought playing Juranovic in front of Tony R on the right could work. DERP! Never do that again please.

    Delighted with the outcome, glad the huns will be sick. We cannae keep doing that though. How we didn’t go in at HT more than 1 up is really frustrating because that’s not the first time that has happened.

  • Baz McKay says:

    Luke Augustus’ premature ejaculation of joy at our two points dropped (oops! What a scoop, Gus)
    is sweet in the extreme.
    No doubt in tears now. Sweet!!!

  • Frank Connelly says:

    the Ref will never get another Celtic game after that. Adding 7 minutes. He will cop it at the lodge on Monday night

    • Bigmick says:

      Probably right Frank…but it was 7 extra minutes for Ross County to try and score too.
      Serves big Malky and his mob right.
      After about 10 mins,their keeper went to collect the ball for a goal kick and flicked it behind the net,then went a banged his studs against the front of the post while somebody got another ball. AFTER TEN MINUTES PLAY!
      Fuckin shameful and a disgrace to the sport.

      P.s,are you Frank fae The Nog by any chance ? lol

  • Tam says:

    That Mail article didn’t just get the result wrong, they also got the points difference wrong as they stated at the very bottom of the screenshot that, “Celtic dropped to FIVE POINTS behind…”, when it would have been six had we drawn.

  • Mark B says:

    Delighted we won. But as your article says we are just clinging on. Our rivals show no signs of dropping points with wins at Hibs and Hearts recently. We are going to have to beat them in January. Such games are tight low scoring and we keep losing goals from set pieces. We must sort out our defending or we won’t beat them. We are still four behind in a league where the top two rarely drop points. We have a lot to do. Starfelt very unlucky.

  • Smokey says:

    “Crags” was pig sick when we got the winner and so were a few others, that so called ref was a disgrace,
    Well past the time for our club to speak up,,

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