A Few Pro-Celtic Decisions And Suddenly Officials Must Explain Themselves!

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Today The Record says that the referee was spoken to by an SFA official after the “drop ball” incident in midweek. The paper seems upset that it wasn’t the only thing that Madden got a slap on the wrist for.

You know what’s amazing about this?

All of a sudden it’s not acceptable to have unaccountable referees and that they must explain their decisions.

Well, Hell! Isn’t that something?

How long has this site and others been banging that particular drum?

How long have we been saying, consistently, that too many decisions go totally unexplained? How many referees, rather than being benched for major errors, find themselves rewarded instead?

Suddenly they are being held to account for minor errors?

The drop-ball situation was nothing.

Hearts have made a big thing about having had the ball when the whistle blew; they had the ball because our player hit the ground. If this is worth giving a referee a pull over, then the stuff that governing body chooses to care about gets ever more bizarre.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased to see that the media and others have found their voices and they are making their support for reform clear. But I doubt that it will last.

This is a momentary spasm of anger which once more has its roots in Celtic getting some decisions for once, and none of them were particularly controversial decisions either.

I actually find it all a bit pathetic, but I did say that I’d take reform if this was the way we get it because it needs to be done and it’s long overdue. If only they meant it.

If only this wasn’t just them taking a stab at Celtic again.

But that’s what it is and when the dust settles there is not a single one of them who will support actual change.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    The first game at tynecastle had more wrong decisions where was the outcry then ? Paranoid not us.

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