Abada Showed What He Can Give Celtic When Played Through The Middle.

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I was really glad last night that Abada got on the scoresheet.

He was the guy I’d hoped to see played through the middle against Motherwell, and Ange’s decision to do so last night confirmed what I suspected; that he saw the failure of the experiment with Turnbull and changed it up.

The decision was fully vindicated when Abada stuck that away.

He is a player who already evokes frustration in some fans, although I really don’t know why.

He’s a young kid, this is his first major move and he’s doing just fine.

When he’s on his game he’s as exciting as any player in Scotland. His start in the Hoops was exceptional. If he’s fallen out of things a little since then it’s only to be expected in someone still learning.

Abada is clearly very talented, and he definitely has an eye for goal.

He needs his two frontline partners alongside him again to get the very best out of him, but we should have no fears about playing him as the striker for the cup final if Kyogo isn’t going to be ready.

Moving him from out wide definitely does leave us somewhat short on the wing; Juranovic gave it his best but it’s no shock that it was Rogic, drifting out towards that part of the pitch, who chipped in that glorious late cross.

Still, Abada is more use to us playing as a forward at the moment, and his goal showed that he has the alertness for the role.

This is clearly a stop-gap measure. It’s not his best position and we do need what he gives us on the flanks, but as temporary solutions go it will do us. It will work. It will be sufficient for our needs if we’re short of other options.

Once Moffat has a few more games under his belt he may be able to take Abada’s place out wide or in the central role.

Until then I’m just glad we have the Israeli. He showed us again last night what a great asset to this team he can be.

We needed heroes in that game, and he did his part.

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