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Alexander Moans About A Ref And Celtic Are Facing Another Week Of Whingeing

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Another day and another series of moans about a decision that went Celtic’s way.

I could see Alexander on the touchline today screaming about the free kick being given, and that was before we scored the goal, and I thought then what I think now “It’s a tough old world.”

The goal was all the more pleasurable because of that.

It’s rare enough that we get decisions. It’s even rarer for us to get a couple in a row. The last one got people virtually losing their minds. I have half a hope that this one is even more destructive to their brain-cells.

I hope Crawford Allan runs for the microphone again.

My other half a hope is on them shutting the Hell up because to be honest, as much as I enjoy knowing they are anger and frustrated and even a little scared I do not enjoy listening to them bitch and moan and whine and whinge and wail.

Because it was tiresome in the aftermath of the Hearts game and it will be even more tiresome here as they try to convince people that the Great Refereeing Conspiracy of 2021 actually favours Celtic.

It is so deluded and the argument so feeble I can’t bear to hear it for another seven days, which we will unless we get an even bigger decision in midweek.

Just think; this can become like a lockdown that never ends.

Just when you think you’ve left one behind a new issue will crop up and we’re right back to day zero again. Fun, for a while maybe … but let’s not pretend that it wouldn’t also be a drag.

There was a decision at Tynecastle today which heavily favoured the away team; nobody wants to talk about that for some reason, but they all want a piece of Celtic. The aftermath of the Hearts game was hysterical

. The aftermath of this one could be worse.

As hilarious as that would be, it would also be pretty annoying, because it’s so obviously one sided. The first major decision which hands a win to Ibrox won’t generate headlines as much as provoke an outbreak of indifference.

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  • Roonsa says:

    The huns are still moaning about the throw in we got (in our own half) in the 1989 Scottish Cup final which led to Joe Miller’s goal.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Its just all a build up to the obvious poor decision in favour of Sevco when they play us in the New Year.
    Gives the media, pundits and all the other Sevco cheerleaders the old “ swings n roundabouts argument” to justify it.
    True story.

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