Ange Has Been At Celtic Long Enough To Knows An “Agenda” When He Sees It.

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Yesterday Ange did what I had expected him to do when he was finally asked about the smears against Kyogo Furuhashi. He slapped back, and he slapped back hard. I don’t know whether someone in the press finally asked him or if it was the fan media people, but his answer didn’t surprise me one bit. Only bit of his statement raised my eyebrows.

It was when he talked about those who had been pushing the smears “probably having an agenda.” And to me that was the moment Ange Postecoglou graduated with honours. “Friend,” I thought, “you are finally one of us, all the way.”

It never takes a Celtic manager long to “get it.” It usually takes them longer than this to express how much they get it. Ange hasn’t even had half a season, and he’s seen enough and knows enough to realise that things here are badly, badly askew.

There is a difference between him being told this – by a fan media rep at the very first presser – and Ange having come to the point where he has seen enough that he gets it on his own. This man has not the least doubt any longer. Some of these people wish us ill.

And Ange now understands that. He is wise to it now. Our manager may have been sceptical at first when he was told “your friends are all in this room” but he knows now that this wasn’t just standard fan paranoia talking, although I’m certain he had enough baseline knowledge at the time to be aware of that. No, Ange now knows that it’s real.

He knows that the threat to Celtic from this people is real.

And that is good news for us. The man understands things just fine. Which means that he understands to trust none of them, and that eventually these things need to be confronted. Does he seem the type to shy away from that? I think he’ll pick his moment though.

When he does, folks, I think we’ll see a show.

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  • Neil Smith says:

    We are truly fortunate to have him … I don’t think blessed is too far… Brilliant manager (I think he given time will change all behind the scenes and come to dominate our game)… Incredible bloke (what’s not to like ?) … Defender of our club and players (anyone else speaking ?) … Likeable Funny Impressive Complete Smart Intelligent … We are indeed blessed … Hope to hell he’s here long term coz he will revolutionise us

  • Jimmy says:

    He has the full support behind him. Just wish he had better luck with injuries. Jota and Kyogo out is a nightmare with important run of games coming up. Don’t see where replacements are.

  • SSMPM says:

    A bit of critical reflection here, Ange is a gem and I, like everyone else, am right behind him but he’s not yet achieved sainthood. There’s been a few tactical errors this season that have impacted negatively on the outcome of matches. Given the injury to Jota, Kyogo’s introduction last night was unnecessary. A bit of protection for the games ahead would have been the smart move and his subsequent injury could have some serious negative consequences for our league push. Its clear as day Ange is on his way to becoming a great Celtic manager but lessons have to be learned. HH

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