Ange Shakes The Team Up Ahead Of Celtic’s Sunday’s Cup Final.

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Ange has fielded an odd looking team tonight. If I’m reading it correctly we’re playing Abada through the middle with Juranovic wide right and Montgomery on the left. The midfield three will be Turnbull, McGregor and Bitton. We are playing Scales at left back.

Ange deserves the utmost credit for making some kind of team out of this mish-mash he’s dealing with at the moment. I had a feeling we’d see Juranovic wide right; he’s played that role for us already once this season and it seemed an obvious move.

Rogic is on the bench, doubtless to keep him as far from harm as possible prior to the weekend. Also on the bench – and it’s nice to see this – is young Owen Moffat. This could be the night that the kid gets his big chance to impress in the team.

This isn’t an ideal selection. It was never going to be with what we’re up against. But we should have enough about us tonight to get three points. The team is unusual, but this is what’s been forced on Ange by an injury crisis that gets worse ever week.

What were the odds that after losing two strikers in one game that we’d lose Forrest and then Mikey Johnston in the next? You couldn’t make that up. It’s the worst luck I’ve ever seen.

From this moment on all talk of what’s caused this crisis can be set aside. The situation is real. We’re now dealing with it. The cup final is half a week away, the focus is on tonight and winning three crucial points. I think we will do it, but it’s going to be rough.

That is not the team we would have expected to see at this stage when December began. If we walk away with three points tonight, full credit to all involved.

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  • jrm63 says:

    Not ideal but certainly much stronger physically

  • Dora says:

    Draw at the piggery would be ideal, 2-0 win for Celtic would be just perfect from a betting perspective…
    I actually can’t understand K Boyd when he gets excited or more so when wangers are shite…again!!

  • Dora says:

    Fk the bets and Fk the huns..!!
    Ralston you beauty!

  • Mark B says:

    We escaped tonight. We can have all the fancy passing we want but we must must stop conceding set pieces and crosses. Ange must sort defence out. We need a left back and a centre half and we need some tall players we are just too small. I am dreading the New Year game as they always score set pieces against us usually from a corner they have three or four tall players. Fix the defending Ange or we will not win the title.

  • jrm63 says:

    we do not look like scoring from free kicks at all. Some leap by Ralston, Nir Bitton is now reemerging as a football player. His close control rivals that of Rogic at times


    Bitton was missused by previous managers. He was an International defensive midfielder when we had a surplus of talent in that area of the park.. He was used repeatedly to shore up our defensive frailties during Brenda Janus’s and NFL’s reign.
    He became a figure of hate in some sections of the support when collectively our rearguard made mistakes and on several occasions being redcarded as last man. When he shouldn’t have been last man. He is a fine footballer.
    It’s a no brainier that his contact was extended last year. Good to see him in Ange’s plans. He has a role to play for us in his natural position.

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