Ange Speaks So Highly Of Celtic’s Legends. He Deserves His Place Amongst Them.

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Ange was typically brilliant in front of the media yesterday.

He spoke about a number of subjects which are close to our hearts; the fans connection with the club, the spirit he has instilled in the team and the hopes and plans for the future.

Above all, he talked about the traditions and legends of Celtic and of how their reputations and their achievements weigh heavily on him. He need not be concerned.

He looks every inch a Celtic manager now, a man who seems destined to attain the same status.

What will it take? Well, four Celtic managers – Stein, O’Neill, Rodgers and Lennon – have won a domestic treble now. He has a chance to take his place amongst them.

Two of them achieved it in their debut campaigns. That, too, is within his reach.

From what amounts to a standing start, to his first cup final in just six months; that alone makes him a big figure in Scottish football right now, and a sizeable one for our club.

If he wins the cup he will be well on his way to that kind of place in history.

More than that right now, he sounds and acts like a Celtic manager should. He is a decent man, a man who gets this club without having had to be steeped in it. He fits in superbly.

He conducts himself with dignity and class, but there is a steeliness which the press has already started to fear. Ange suffers no fools. He is too intelligent and quick witted for them.

Already this man looks certain to become a Celtic great.

The fans love him. The players respect him and believe in his vision.

When you see the improvement from last season and recognise that the man has a plan which will elevate us far above the rest of Scottish football you realise that he only needs time and it will all fit together beautifully.

He has no need to worry that he does not live up to the magnificent standards of those who came before him. He is well on his way to meeting them. And many of their accomplishments will be exceeded should he get the backing he requires.

Ange will join the greats. It starts on Sunday.

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